How to make bead pens?

Making beaded pens is a fun and creative hobby that allows you to make customized writing instruments. With just some basic supplies, even beginners can learn how to assemble charming bead pens from start to finish. They also make fantastic handmade gifts and crafts to sell. Read on for a complete guide to making your own bead pens.


Getting Started with Supplies


 Wondering how to make bead pens for beginners, the good news is you don't need any fancy equipment. Here's what you'll need in your beaded pen for supplies toolkit:

  • Pen tubes/barrels. You can find these in various styles and materials like plastic or lightweight aluminum. Try to match the length to the size and quantity of beads you’ll string.
  • Silicone glue and beads. Silicone beads for pen are stretchy, flexible, and durable—perfect for wrapping tightly around pen tubes without breaking. Glue keeps everything securely in place.
  • Beading wire, line, or elastic cord. Use stretchy elastic threads to string your beads before adhering them with glue. This makes them easier to assemble and adjust.
  • Assorted beads in your choice of sizes, styles, and colors. Glass, plastic, wood, or metal all work. Mix and match for fun patterns. Character beads featuring letters, animals, and food shapes are also really cute!
  • Scissors, pliers, tweezers, toothpicks, etc. Helpful tools for cutting wires and cords, gripping beads, and applying just the right amount of glue.


Assembling Your DIY Beaded Pens

Now that you’ve gathered the essentials, it’s time for the fun part—starting your beadable pen! Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Plan out your beaded pens  pattern. Sketch ideas or lay out physical arrangements until you’re happy. Play around with sizes, textures, colors that appeal to you.
  2. Cut a piece of beading wire about 2-3 inches longer than your pen tube. Thread your first bead onto the center of the wire, followed by others, spacing them evenly in your planned pattern.
  3. Once you’ve strung all beads in order onto the wire, glue the tip of the wire to the inside of one end of the pen tube. Carefully wrap the beaded section around the outside, keeping beads tight together.
  4. With pliers, tightly twist the wire at the other end of the tube to secure everything in place. Trim any excess.
  5. Add a line of silicone glue over the twisted wire and around both visible ends of the elastic beading thread. This keeps everything firmly in place once dry.
  6. Wipe away any excess glue oozing outside the beads. Allow a few hours to fully cure before using your pen.
  7. Display your charming handmade writing utensil or gift it to a special friend!


Tips and Tricks

Making beaded pens does take some precision, patience, and practice. But these handy tips will have you mastering the hobby in no time:

  • Shop for beaded pen kits that provide all the supplies you need in one convenient pack. Great for beginners!
  • Print out beaded pen patterns from sites like Pinterest to follow colorful themes like animals, flowers, stripes, holidays, etc.
  • Use a toothpick for ultra-precise glue application around beads. This prevents big messy blobs.

Let tiny toddlers make basic beaded pens featuring chunkier wood beads easy for little hands to grasp and string.

  • Display your custom creations in jars or cups on your desk—or fill them with more pens to sell! Add keychains or letter charms to make them truly unique.
  • Save bead sorting frustration by pouring varieties into small, labeled compartments for easy access. Egg cartons, cupcake tins, and compartment containers are perfect.

Making Beaded Pens for Profit

Once you perfect this popular craft, consider selling your bead pens online or at local fairs and boutiques. Some tips for making this hobby profitable:

  • Source quality supplies in bulk. Find wholesale lots of pen tubes, silicone glue, beading elastic, decorative beads for the best price per piece.
  • Research pricing for similar handmade pens. Price competitively based on unique styles, bead types, and complexity of designs.
  • Calculate exact material costs per pen + reasonable hourly wage for your time. This determines true production costs to set fair selling prices that earn a profit.
  • Offer customization options so shoppers can select colors, beads, charms, etc for totally one-of-a-kind pens. This increases perceived value.
  • Create social media pages showcasing your designs to increase interest before listing items for sale online.


Making Sparkly Bead Pens

Infusing creativity into an ordinary writing tool is deeply satisfying. With an array of dazzling beads and colors to choose from, opportunities for different patterns and designs are endless. So gather your favorite supplies, turn on some music, and enjoy making magical beaded pens to write with flair. It’s an easy craft that allows anyone to produce professional-looking results full of personal panache.


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