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Black Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, #27

Black Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, #27

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Rich Statement-Making Color


This flawless shade of deep black is sure to make a statement. The solid glossy color looks elegant and sophisticated. It's a bold pop of color that works for day or night. Wear it to exude confidence and mystique.

Vibrant Opal-Like Undertones

Look closely and you'll see flashes of color in the black. Subtle opal-like flashes of green, purple and blue add dimension and intrigue. It captures the richness of black opal in a solid bead. The mesmerizing color shifts will attract admiring glances.

Smooth Comfortable Silicone

Crafted from premium silicone, Black Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, #27 are beautifully made. The material is durable yet soft and silky against skin. Their rounded shapes and smooth surfaces feel pleasing to touch. The lightweight beads are comfortable to wear all day without irritation.

Layer or Wear Alone

With their classic size and versatile color, Black Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, #27 mix well in any jewelry stack. But their dramatic hue also lets them become a standout statement piece when worn alone. Try spicing up old favorites or let these beads be the star of the show by themselves.

Universal Goes-With-Everything Shade

Black is a neutral that seamlessly blends with multiple styles. Wear it to accent colorful casual looks or make a bold impact with an all-black ensemble. No matter your personal fashion tastes, this versatile jet black tone pairs well. It's a go-to accessory that fits any outfit.

Minimalist Design, Maximum Impact

Less is more with these simply shaped beads. Their distinct matte black shade does all the talking. Enjoy understated elegance without overpowering detailing. Subtle in design yet potent in its mesmerizing color-shifting effect.

Gift for Bead Lovers and Black enthusiasts

Treat yourself or surprise your favorite jewelry fanatic. Whether they gravitate towards black, shiny things or crafting, these luxurious beads make a splendid treat.Include a sweet note about their awesome style. It's a fun, thoughtful present any beadaholique will appreciate.

High Quality at an Affordable Price

Despite their gorgeously stunning color and craftsmanship, these beads are sensibly priced. Enjoy indulging in high-end beauty without breaking the bank. Build your bead collection with confidence knowing you're getting top-notch materials for less.


 Black Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, #27 exquisite silky matte black beads make a head-turning statement alone or as part of a layered look. Their opalescent color shifts and universal shade ensure they pair beautifully with any jewelry collection or ensemble. The high quality materials and value pricing make them a must-have accessory.

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