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Coffee Teach Repeat Mug Cup Silicone Focal Beads

Coffee Teach Repeat Mug Cup Silicone Focal Beads

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Overview On Coffee Teach Repeat Mug Cup Silicone Focal Beads

  • Silicone focal beads in the shape of coffee mugs
  • Inspired by the teacher life of early mornings and caffeine
  • Unique beads for handmade jewelry and crafts
  • Vibrant colors and durable silicone material
  • Excellent for stringing, wire wrapping, gluing


Cute Mug and Cup Shapes

  • Sculpted into round mugs and tapered cups
  • Reminiscent of favorite morning coffee cups
  • Both large and small sized beads
  • Grooved edges capture realistic mug details

Vibrant Teacher-Inspired Colors

  • Coffee Teach Repeat Mug Cup Silicone Focal Beads colors include red, teal, pink, purple, blue
  • Fun color combos like red mug with white polka dots
  • Shades inspired by markers, school supplies, coffee drinks
  • Great for teacher jewelry and classroom crafts

Information of Durable and Flexible Silicone

  • Beads made from high quality silicone
  • Withstands frequent use without damage
  • Flexible and holds shape well for long lasting pieces
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for skin contact

Ideal Size for Jewelry Making

  • Large style perfect focal point in jewelry designs
  • Smaller beads great for accents and spacers
  • Grooves make stringing and wire wrapping easy
  • Complimentary colors to mix and match

Crafts and Scrapbooking

Fun Collectibles for Bead Lovers

  • Interesting shapes and colors for collections
  • Swap and trade with other bead enthusiasts
  • Display in clear containers or bead boards
  • Find rare colors and designs for your sets
  • Use pliers to grip and wrap wire around bead
  • Add additional loops and wrapping for ornamentation

Final Thoughts

  • Unique Coffee Teach Repeat Mug Cup Silicone Focal Beads
  • Teacher inspired colors perfect for classroom crafts
  • Durable and flexible for beaded jewelry making
  • Collectible focal beads for craft enthusiasts
  • Get creative stringing, wrapping and gluing these fun beads!
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