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Dogs Puppy Silicone Focal Beads

Dogs Puppy Silicone Focal Beads

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Realistic Puppy Portraits in Silicone

Vivid Day & Night Colors

  • Puppy face colors are natural and true-to-life on standard silicone beads
  • Luminous beads glow a neon green in the dark for added fun
  • They make a playful statement and safety accent at night or in low light

Long-Lasting Silicone Formula

  • Made of durable, non-toxic silicone safe for skin contact
  • Will not crack, peel or lose colors like cheap plastic over years of wear
  • Flexible silicone moves with the body without breaking

Meaningful Canine Representation

  • For dog lovers, these cute puppy portraits symbolize unconditional love, joy and family bonds
  • They make a thoughtful gift for fellow dog fanciers, vets or groomers
  • Wearing one shows pride in your canine companion or livelihood

Versatile Styling Options

wholesale pricing available

  • Purchase multipacks of puppy styles and varieties at bulk-buy low prices
  • Affordable per-piece pricing allows retailers to offer competitive radiant dog jewelry
  • In bulk, resellers gain high-quality stock sure to be popular with local dog communities

Glowing Online Reviews

  • Customers appreciate the realistic likenesses and lasting silicone quality
  • Those who work with dogs find them a fun, low-key way to represent their passion
  • Luminous beads receive raves for novel flash of neon personality after sunset


Dogs Luminous & Non Luminous, Puppy Glow in the Dark Silicone Focal Beads portrait beads bring the joy of dogs to jewelry in vivid yet durable charm. They make thoughtful gifts to show companionship for fellow canine enthusiasts.

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