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Faith Over Fear Silicone Focal Beads

Faith Over Fear Silicone Focal Beads

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Introducing to Faith Over Fear Beads

Inspire and encourage with Faith Over Fear Silicone Focal Beads uplifting silicone beads. Whether enhancing jewelry, crafts or personal accessories, their message of courage carries through all seasons.

Design & Material

  • Bright yellow faith symbol etched across a gray dome
  • Calming verse "Faith Over Fear" displayed below in a sans serif font
  • 16mm sized beads stand out prominently on any project
  • Top-grade BPA-free silicone holds color and flexes comfortably
  • Smooth matte finish prevents snagging or damage from abrasion
  • Non-porous construction resists odors, stains and fading

Uses of Faith over fear

  • Stack in bracelets for daily reminders of strength
  • Dangle singularly as delicate pendant necklaces
  • Personalize bags, water bottles and notebook covers
  • Share words of hope with friends through meaningful gifts

Review of Faith over fear

  • High ratings for uplifting symbolism and quality construction

  • Faith Over Fear Silicone Focal Beads lay beautifully and stay securely strung
  • Customers appreciate the boost of positivity each piece brings
  • Thoughtful addition to inspirational jewelry or craft collections

Faith over fear silicone focal beads Beadable Bliss

  • Trusted supplier specializing in unique bead assortments
  • Extensive selection includes countless themes and styles
  • customer reviews highlight excellent customer service
  • items arrive quickly and securely packaged

Inject motivation into DIY projects and wardrobes with Faith Over Fear Silicone Focal Beads subtly soulful silicone accents. Let their gentle reminder of inner strength fortify each crafted piece and day.

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