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Girl with Butterfly Wings Silicone Focal Beads

Girl with Butterfly Wings Silicone Focal Beads

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Girl with Butterfly Wings Silicone Focal Beads

Design Details

  • Realistic sculpted figure of a young girl wearing flowing dress
  • Delicate wings sprout from her back similar to paintings of angels and fairies
  • Girl with Butterfly Wings Silicone Focal Beads her hands are outstretched as if ready to take flight

Exceptional Craftsmanship

  • Sculpted from high-quality silicone rubber for durability and preservation of fine details
  • Painted with delicate brush strokes in multiple shades for nuanced shading and realism
  • Accurately depicted features like elaborate dress, flowing hair and realistic wings

Inspiration for Creativity

  • Makes a mesmerizing focal piece for necklaces, bracelets or other beaded accessories
  • Harmonizes with colors like pastels, light florals or other flowy feminine themes
  • Sparks imagination for fairy, fantasy or storybook-inspired beading designs

Material Properties

  • Silicone stays pliable yet retains shape, avoiding hard plastic fragility
  • Will not fade, stain or warp with regular wear and washing

Versatile Crafting Applications

  • Ideal center focal bead among floral, feather or butterfly motifs
  • Incorporate into dreamcatcher or windchime designs
  • Compliment chunky, loose or tightly woven beaded styles
  • Embellish journals, picture frames or other decor with whimsical flair


  • Girl with Butterfly Wings focal beads captivate with delicately realistic details
  • Inspire imaginative, flowy designs in beaded jewelry and fiber art
  • Girl with Butterfly Wings Silicone Focal Beads offers durability for wear and preservation of fine features
  • Adds an enchanting magical element to beading and mixed media creations


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