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Green Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, Number 146

Green Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, Number 146

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Green Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, and Number 146 are popular craft supply for jewelry makers, art projects, and more. These small silicone beads come in a bright solid green color and measure 15mm in diameter. They are an economical choice when shopping for beads in bulk.

Green Silicone Beads #146 are available from many online retailers that sell jewelry-making supplies, as well as local craft stores. When shopping online, search for "green silicone beads solid color 15mm number 146" to find listings for this exact product. The number 146 identifies the specific green shade.

 Versatile solid color 

These round beads have a versatile solid color that works for all kinds of designs. Their durable silicone construction stands up well to wear and tear. The smooth finish gives them a slight shine. Each package contains approximately 300-500 beads, depending on where they are purchased.

Crafters appreciate being able to buy quality silicone beads in bulk for an affordable price. Buying more beads at once helps maximize savings compared to purchasing smaller quantities. Green Silicone Beads #146 are just one of many colors available in this popular 15mm size. Shoppers can often find assorted color packs of silicone beads on sites like Amazon and Etsy to get an array of different shades.

 Handmade jewelry designers

In addition to individual shoppers, many small businesses like to keep these classic green 15mm beads stocked in bulk. Handmade jewelry designers can use them as accent beads or focal beads in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. With a neutral green color, they pair well with other materials like gemstones, metals, and crystals. Retailers who sell jewelry-making supplies can repackage the beads into smaller sets for individual sale.

Silicone beads offer advantages over other material options when working in bulk. They are lightweight so shipping costs stay low. They are also extremely durable, which helps prevent damage during storage and transport. Their flexibility makes them easy to string and comfortable for wearing in jewelry.

Safe, non-toxic material for use

Artists and children's activity providers also utilize bulk beads like Green Silicone Beads #146. Sorting and stringing beads helps develop motor skills and creativity. Bright green is a color that appeals to ages and genders. The smooth finish prevents snagging in art projects. Silicone provides a safe, non-toxic material for use by kids.

Bulk pricing when ordering 

Companies can take advantage of bulk pricing when ordering 500 or more strands of Green Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, Number 146. This reduces the per-strand cost substantially compared to purchasing smaller amounts. Many suppliers offer tiered pricing, so costs go down significantly at each order volume threshold. Take the time to price compare between bead and craft stores to find the best deal.

Wholesale savings are also available for buying various colors of 15mm silicone beads in bulk. Packs containing assorted shades can provide all the colors needed for a particular project. Opt for a rainbow assortment or identify specific secondary colors needed to coordinate with the green beads. Consider mixing sizes too for added visual interest.

High-quality silicone beads in sizes

In addition to 15mm, shoppers can find high-quality silicone beads in sizes like 10mm, 20mm, and 6mm. The 15mm size offers a nice mid-range shape that is easy to work with and comfortable to wear. The smaller 10mm size works well for delicate designs or focal points. At 20mm, the beads make a bolder statement.

No matter what size beads are needed, buying in bulk quantities saves money and time restocking. Take advantage of bulk deals on materials like Green Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm, Number 146 whenever stocking up for big projects. The affordable pricing and vibrant color make these basic green beads a jewelry-making essential.

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