Cute Ways to Wrap Mugs as Gifts

Searching for a unique gift idea or a creative way to present a mug? Wrapping a mug beautifully can turn an ordinary present into something extraordinary. With some simple materials and clever wrapping techniques, you can make any mug gift stand out. In this article, we'll explore cute and creative ways to wrap mugs using clay beads, charms, ribbons, fabric, and more to make your gift presentation special.

Decorate with Polymer Clay Beads and Charms

One of the cutest ways to jazz up a mug gift is to use polymer clay beads and charms. Polymer clay is an air-dry modeling clay that comes in a rainbow of colors perfect for making beads, charms, and other small decorative pieces. You can create your own custom beads and charms or purchase pre-made polymer clay beads and charms wholesale.
When working with polymer clay, make sure to condition it first by kneading to warm and soften. Roll balls of clay between your palms to shape beads. Cut out charm shapes using cookie cutters. Bake according to package directions to harden. Once cool, you can glue beads and charms onto your wrapped mug with strong adhesives like E-6000.
Get creative with the clay bead and charm shapes and colors you choose. Adorn a morning coffee mug with bright beads and sunny charms. Decorate a teachers mug with apple and book charms. For a animal lover, use paw print beads and dog or cat charms. The options are endless!

Incorporate Ribbons and Fabric

For a soft, feminine look, use ribbons and fabric to accent your mug wrapping. Choose ribbons in various widths, textures, colors and patterns to tie around your wrapped mug. Ribbons with wire edges will help them hold their shape nicely.
Cut ribbon into strips, curl the ends with scissors, and tie into bows around the mug. Wrap wider ribbons horizontally around the mug fully covering it from top to bottom. Skinny ribbons look great tied vertically like stripes. For a extra special touch, adorn ribbons with clay beads by gluing a bead where ribbon ends meet.

Cute Ways to Wrap Mugs as Gifts

You can also use squares of fabric like cotton, burlap or felt to create a patchwork pattern on the mug wrapper. Cut fabric into 4-6 inch squares, layer them in a grid pattern adhering as you go with a hot glue gun. The eclectic squares add a homey, crafty vibe. For a variation, cut fabric into triangular pieces and adhere kind of like wrapping a gift.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements like dried flowers, leaves, twine, pinecones, acorns, cinnamon sticks, pebbles and seashells to create nature inspired mug wraps. These natural materials add organic texture and earthy beauty to a mug presentation.
Wrap twine, jute or hemp rope around the mug in spirals, crisscross patterns or simple knots. Tuck in small sprigs of dried lavender or baby's breath. Accent with cinnamon sticks or pine cones tied on with string or raffia. Dried orange slices or tiny pine cones also make fragrant organic garland to hang around the mug.
For a beachy wrap, use seashells and starfish to create coastal charm. Adhere them sporadically with hot glue for a scattered look. Wrap strands of twine around the width of the mug in between shells. Add sand dollars, seaglass or pebbles for even more ocean flair.

Paper Crafting Ideas

Get creative with scrapbook paper, tissue paper, stickers and tags to develop cute paper craft mug wraps. Wrap plain colored tissue paper around the mug in layers, adhering as you go. Choose two complementary colors for a bold striped look. Or use patterned tissue paper with floral designs, polka dots or paisley.
Cut out shapes from colorful scrapbook paper to collage onto your mug wrapper in fun patterns. Hearts, circles, triangles, stars -- mix and match the shapes and papers. Add in die-cut paper shapes like flowers or butterflies for whimsy. Use square gift tags and add a greeting or holiday message written with a marker.
By gluing layers of paper shapes and textures, you can create one-of-a-kind mug wrappers that coordinate with any occasion or personality. Finish it off by tying a paper gift tag onto the handle and adding a coordinating paper straw.

Get Creative with Paint, Markers and Stencils

If you want to get really creative, try painting or drawing directly onto the wrapping paper or mug itself. Acrylic craft paint pens allow you to draw or write words right onto the mug's surface or the paper encircling it. You can get fine tipped pens for details or wider edged markers for bigger swaths of color.
Use stencils and sponges to create patterns like polka dots, flowers or geometric shapes with craft paint onto the wrapper. Place stickers or washi tape onto the wrapper to block out sections before painting over it. Peel off sticker or tape to reveal the white space. Photos, words or designs printed on regular printer paper make great paint shields too.

Unleash your inner artist! With paint pens, stencils and stickers, you can create all kinds of personalized mug wrapper designs. Add stripes, polka dots, florals, zig zags, plaids, words and more. Get the kids involved too -- they'll have a blast creating their own hand-painted wrapper masterpiece.

Finishing Touches

To complete your mug wrapping project, take time with beautiful finishing details like tied twine, gift tags, decorative straws, and coordinate gift boxes or gift bags. Choose a gift box or bag in a solid color or print pattern that complements your mug wrapper design. Add a personalized gift tag and decorative straw for the final touches.

Your creativity is your only limit when wrapping mugs as gifts! With the variety of options ranging from clay charms to fabric, paper crafts, painting and natural elements, you can design unique wrappers to match any mug and any occasion. Find inspiration in the recipient's personality, hobbies and favorite colors. Bring your imaginative ideas to life with cute DIY wrapping techniques. Your thoughtfully wrapped mug is sure to delight!

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