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Beadable Pens Price List

Plastic Beadable Pens

  • 10 pieces = $7 to $8
  • 50 pieces = $20 to $26
  • 100 pieces = $38 to $45
  • 3000 pieces = $650 to $850

Plastic Printed Beadable Pens

  • 15 pieces = $10
  • 50 pieces = $30
  • 100 pieces = $52

Metal Beadable Pens

  • 20 pieces = $18
  • 50 pieces = $42
  • 100 pieces = $78

Beadable DIY Stylus Pen, Plastic

  • 50 pieces = $35
  • 100 pieces = $65

Beadable DIY Stylus Pen, Metal

  • 5 pieces = $10
  • 10 pieces = $19

Beaded Multicolor Pens

  • 12 pieces = $10
  • 50 pieces = $35
  • 100 pieces = $68

Refillable Beaded Pens with Empty Barrel

  • 10 pieces = $8
  • 50 pieces = $35
  • 100 pieces = $65

Beadable Pens Guide for Crafters

Beadable pens are more than just writing instruments; they are a canvas for personal expression and creativity. These unique pens offer a delightful way to transform the ordinary act of writing into an art form. In this article, we'll explore the world of beadable pens, their versatility, and how they allow you to infuse style and creativity into your everyday writing tasks.

What Are Beadable Pens?

Beadable pens are pens specially designed with a beading surface. This surface allows you to adorn the pen with beads, creating personalized and artistic writing instruments. They provide a unique opportunity to craft your own one-of-a-kind pens.

The Versatility of Beadable Pens:

  1. Personalization: Beadable pens offer endless opportunities for personalization. You can choose beads in various colors, shapes, and materials, making each pen a reflection of your unique style.
  2. Crafting Creativity: Decorating beadable pens is an enjoyable and artistic endeavor. It allows you to experiment with different bead combinations and designs, resulting in one-of-a-kind writing instruments.
  3. Thoughtful Gifts: Beadable pens make fantastic gifts for friends, family, or colleagues. You can create pens that reflect their individual interests and tastes, making them thoughtful and personalized presents.
  4. Unique School or Office Supplies: For students of all ages and professionals, beadable pens offer a fun way to stand out. You can easily identify your unique pens in a sea of ordinary ones.

Creating Your Own Beadable Pens:

Crafting your beadable pens is a straightforward and rewarding process. Here's a basic guide to get you started:

  1. Gather Supplies: You'll need beadable pens, beads of your choice, and adhesive (such as craft glue or hot glue).
  2. Design Planning: Plan your beadable pen design. Lay out your chosen beads and experiment with different patterns and arrangements.
  3. Adhere the Beads: Carefully attach each bead to the pen using adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly.
  4. Seal the Design: To protect your design and ensure the beads stay in place, apply a clear sealant or varnish over the design. This adds durability to your creation.

In conclusion, beadable pens offer a delightful way to add style and creativity to your writing experience. They are not just ordinary pens; they are a means of personal expression and artistic creation. Whether you're looking for a fun crafting project, a thoughtful gift, or a way to make your school or office supplies stand out, beadable pens are an excellent choice.

Embrace the world of beadable pens and discover how you can turn everyday writing into a creative and personalized experience. Express your style and creativity with each stroke of the pen, and enjoy the process of crafting your unique and stylish writing instruments.

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