Collection: Printed Silicone Beads

Printed Silicone Beads, 15mm

  • 50 pieces = $10
  • 100 pieces = $18

Printed Silicone Beads, 19mm

  • 15 pieces = $7
  • 60 pieces = $25

We also have other sizes and shapes of silicone beads.

A Jewelry Maker's Dream Material

Our beads have become an increasingly popular material among jewelry makers and craft enthusiasts in recent years. In particular, printed silicone beads are treasured for their ability to incorporate intricate designs and vivid colors, while still being lightweight, flexible, and durable. For anyone looking to add eye-catching components to their jewelry or projects, custom silicone beads are the way to go.

What Are Printed Silicone Beads?

Printed silicone beads are small molded beads made from silicone rubber that have been imprinted with decorative designs using state-of-the-art printing technology. This printing process allows for precise reproduction of colorful images, artistic patterns, fonts, logos, and photographic elements onto the surface of the pliable silicone material.

These beads can showcase custom graphics and textures ranging from delicate floral motifs to bold abstract prints. Complex multi-colored designs and photorealistic effects that appear painted on are also possible. Even metallic finishes like gold, rose gold, and silver can be simulated through printing on silicone beads.

Advantages Over Other Bead Materials

Our beads have quickly become a favorite among crafters and DIY jewelry makers thanks to the many advantages they hold over other bead materials like glass, wood, stone, and acrylic. Here are some of the top benefits of using custom printed silicone beads:

Vibrant, Long-Lasting Color

The printing process allows for intense, vibrant colors that really pop. And since the ink chemically bonds to the silicone, it won’t crack, fade, or peel off over time like painted finishes can.

Lightweight and Flexible

Weighing very little and with a lot of bend and stretch, our these silicone beads are comfortable for wearing in jewelry pieces. Their flexibility also makes them more durable to withstand being dropped or pulled.


Nearly any graphics and colors can be reproduced in photo realistic quality through printing technology. This offers ample creative opportunities not possible with other beads.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

Silicone’s waterproof properties make printed designs impervious to water damage. Even in humidity, sunlight, or fluctuating temperatures, the prints will remain vivid without deterioration.

Safety Tested

Reputable printed custom silicone bead manufacturers ensure all products undergo rigorous safety testing for risk of heavy metals and other impurities. Only food-grade, non-toxic inks and medical-grade silicone are used.

Cost Effective

Getting intricate, multi-colored designs on strong but flexible beads is very affordable compared to artisan lampwork glass or semi-precious stones.

Easy to String and Knot

The silicone material has plenty of give to easily attach findings and string through beading wire without damaging prints or drilling holes (which can weaken glass and gemstone beads). Knots grip nicely as well without slipping.

Where to Get Wholesale Printed Silicone Beads

For jewelry makers interested in incorporating these silicone beads into their designs, purchasing wholesale is the most cost-effective option compared to buying individual packs from large online marketplaces. Printed silicone beads wholesale can be sourced online through . However, for the best quality and customizability, ordering wholesale printed silicone beads a US-based supplier like Sparkling Silicone is often preferable. While prices per piece may be somewhat higher than import options, the advantage lies in greater reliability, product safety assurances, dedicated customer service, faster shipping, and a streamlined purchasing process.

US suppliers focused on serving small businesses also enable customers to fully customize prints in smaller quantities rather than meet imposed minimum orders in the thousands. Whether seeking pre-made printed silicone bead assortments or wanting to turn original artwork concepts into customized beads, American wholesale suppliers have the capability to deliver.

How to Use Printed Silicone Beads for Jewelry

The design options are nearly endless when working with our silicone beads for jewelry and accessory creations. Here are some ideas to inspire your projects:

Colorful Chunky Beaded Bracelets

Strings of chunky printed beads in alternating colors and prints make for playful friendship-style or cuff bracelets. Mix and match solid colors with multi-colored beads for chic pattern mixing.

Boho Charm Necklaces

Combine printed coin beads featuring sacred geometry, celestial, and boho prints with stamped metal charms on leather cording for a festival-ready necklace.

Kids’ Jewelry Kits

Package together strings of kid-friendly printed beads featuring cute animals or rainbows with elastic cording or lacing string. It’s an easy DIY jewelry kit for parties and classrooms.

Pet Collars/Keychains

Turn printed beads showcasing your pet’s name, paw prints, or favorite animal motifs into a custom collar charm. You can make matching keychains too!

Dangly Earrings

For lightweight dangle earrings, multicolored printed beads lend lots of visual interest without heavy weight pulling on earlobes. Connect beads featuring botanical designs for a nature-inspired look.

Home Decor Accents

Incorporate printed beads into curtains, dreamcatchers, candle holders, drawer pulls, lamps, plant hangers, wreaths, and more for crafty home accents.

No matter what types of designs or color palettes you love, you’re sure to find ideal printed silicone beads for bringing your jewelry visions to life through reliable wholesale bead suppliers. With endless customization options for images, shapes, sizes, and colors, you can create unique pieces that make a bold style statement. Start stringing to watch your silicone beads become showstopping wearable artworks.