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Printed Silicone Beads 15 mm Random Mix

Printed Silicone Beads 15 mm Random Mix

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Our printed silicone beads are a fun new product being embraced by crafters, jewelry designers, and hobbyists alike. These colorful beads are made of flexible, durable silicone and printed with vibrant dyes to create beautiful and unique designs. One of the most popular mixes available today are the 15 mm diameter random pattern printed beads.

The 15mm size is ideal for jewelry making but also versatile enough for many other arts and crafts. The random print assortments contain gorgeous patterns like florals, geometrics, swirls, dots, zig zags, and abstract shapes. The printed ink is extremely vibrant and detailed, bringing amazing personality to your finished pieces.

Main Features and Benefits of Printed Silicone Beads 15 mm Random Mix

Durability and Flexibility

Solid yet flexible silicone construction makes our Printed Silicone Beads 15 mm Random Mix perfect for bracelets, necklaces, keychains and more since they will resist breaking or cracking like glass or gemstone. Yet, they have enough softness to tie knots without damaging the silk cord or stringing material. The printed designs withstand fading even with frequent handling thanks to thick opaque silicone material.

Variety in Colors and Patterns

Each random mix pack contains multiple printed patterns intermixed to give you lots of versatility within one convenient package. The rich dyes and precise printing process allows fantastic reproduction of colorful designs. You'll get beads with florals, geometrics, stripes, marbled looks and more in random mixes of colors like reds, oranges, purples, blues, greens, pinks and neutrals.

Jewelry Making and Beyond

The 15mm bead size works wonderfully for all types of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, anklets, phone straps and keychains. However, the possibilities don't stop at jewelry! Our printed silicone beads are also being used by crafters to make items like zipper pulls, bag charms, hair accessories, home decor items and kids' crafts. Their flexibility and durability suits them wonderfully for projects that will be touched and handled frequently.

Fun to Mix and Match

You can string our printed silicone beads by themselves to make brightly patterned jewelry and accessories. But another great quality is how well they mix and match with other mediums like gemstones, glass beads, metals, and crystals. Their flexibility in design allows them to be teamed up with almost anything. Mix them with neutral earth tones, vibrant solid colors, sparkling crystals and more.

Easy Care Between Uses

Printed silicone beads can easily be cleaned when they get dusty between uses. Simply wash gently with mild soap and water. Make sure they are completely dry before storing them to prevent moisture damage over time in storage boxes or bags. To keep the colors vibrant, avoid long term exposure to sunlight by storing them in opaque containers. With basic care, printed silicone beads will deliver years of enjoyment for all kinds of crafting!

Fun for Kids and Classroom Projects Too!

The bright colors, fun patterns and durable material also makes our printed silicone beads ideal for children's jewelry making and other crafts. Sort them by color or design for young learners. The flexible material is safe for small hands and the beads work great for stringing all kinds of kid-friendly designs like bracelets, keychains and necklaces. Teachers also love having printed beads available for classroom art lessons on jewelry making and color pattern activities.

Convenient Packaging for Crafting On-The-Go

You can conveniently take our Printed Silicone Beads 15 mm Random Mix craft supply anywhere with the portable storage cans these random mixes come packaged in. The screw-top plastic containers have separated compartments to keep all the beads handy but organized so you can easily pour out just what you need. The plastic cans make it easy to toss in your bag or kit for jewelry making and crafting on the go.

Affordable Way to Refresh Your Jewelry Collection

Building a unique jewelry collection has never been more affordable thanks to printed silicone beads! Sold in mixed bundles by count, you get lots of variety to start stringing right away. Mixing and matching our Printed Silicone Beads 15 mm Random Mix designs with other beads and findings allows you to create customized jewelry at a fraction of the cost of premade artisan pieces. Crafting your own jewelry with printed beads allows for lots more cameos to match all your outfits!

With their endless versatility, vibrant colors, unique printed designs and durable material, it’s easy to see why printed silicone beads are becoming so popular for jewelry making, kids crafts, and home decor accents today. 15mm random mixes are a great place to start your collection so grab your stringing supplies and let the colorful crafting commence!

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