Collection: Beaded Pens

Beaded Pens Price List

Plastic Beaded Pens

  • 10 pieces = $7 to $8
  • 50 pieces = $20 to $26
  • 100 pieces = $38 to $45
  • 3000 pieces = $650 to $850

Plastic Printed Beaded Pens

  • 15 pieces = $10
  • 50 pieces = $30
  • 100 pieces = $52

Metal Beaded Pens

  • 20 pieces = $18
  • 50 pieces = $42
  • 100 pieces = $78

Beaded DIY Stylus Pen, Plastic

  • 50 pieces = $35
  • 100 pieces = $65

Beaded DIY Stylus Pen, Metal

  • 5 pieces = $10
  • 10 pieces = $19

Beaded Multicolor Pens

  • 12 pieces = $10
  • 50 pieces = $35
  • 100 pieces = $68

Refillable Beaded Pens with Empty Barrel

  • 10 pieces = $8
  • 50 pieces = $35
  • 100 pieces = $65

Beaded Pens: A Crafty Way to Add Personality to Your Writing

Beaded pens are a fun and creative way to add some extra flair to your writing utensils. Often brightly colored with intricate designs, these pens stand out from standard pens and pencils. Their unique look matches their enjoyable user experience - providing a smooth, comfortable grip as you write. Crafting your own beaded pen can be an entertaining hands-on project. Or you may prefer purchasing premade  pens from the talented artists selling them online and in craft stores. Either way, beaded pens make writing a more eye-catching and enjoyable task.

When crafting a beaded pen, you'll need beads for our pens specifically suited to the task. Look for beads with holes large enough to accommodate pen components.

Smooth rounded beads around 5mm to 8mm work best to form an easy to grip surface. Pony beads, pearl beads, and small acrylic craft beads are all good bead options. Make sure to choose beads in colors and patterns that appeal to your personal taste. Contrasting colors and complementary shades are popular choices. The variety of beads available allows you to match colors to favorite outfits or create vivid original designs.

The other necessary component is a pen kit designed for beadwork, often called beaded pen kits. Quality pen kits have all the parts you need to assemble a working beaded pen. They come with thin tubes to string the beads onto, decorative pen tips, ink refills, and other hardware. Many pen kits also include handy assembly instructions. Basic supplies like glue and pliers may be required as well. Craft stores sell pen kits in the jewelry making aisle alongside loose beads and stringing supplies. And you can conveniently purchase kits and supplies online in bead or pen turning stores.

With beads and a pen kit ready, beaded pen diy projects can begin! First slide beads onto the pen tube, periodically spacing them out. By grouping certain color schemes together, you can create stripes, color blocks, geometrical patterns, and more. Once your beadwork is completed to your liking, follow the kit instructions to securely attach the tips, ink refill, and other pen components. Some extra glue reinforces durability. Then simply let the glue dry fully before using your new custom beaded pen!

Popular craft marketplaces

If you prefer not to craft it yourself, finished these pens are available for sale in many online stores. Skilled artisans sell their handmade pens on popular craft marketplaces like Boutiques specializing in unique writing instruments also carry beaded pens. Prices range based on the complexity of designs and quality of beads and components. Simple single color beaded pens are quite affordable. More intricate multi-color and patterned pens understandably cost more reflecting the time put into assembling them. Luxurious pens made with genuine gemstones or gold hardware sit at the highest end.

No matter your budget, beaded pens for sale come in endless varieties to suit different tastes. Chunky ballpoint pens wrapped in solid color seed bead bands offer a classic elegant look. Slimmer models display colorful stripes or contrasting geometric patterns. For bohemian inspired pens, mix together differently shaped beads like long tubes, small rounds, and textured cubes. Evoke natural themes with authentic stone and wood beads. Or go for sparkling opulence with the addition of jewel toned Swarovski crystals and delicate starbursts. The options are virtually unlimited when skilled pen turners let their creativity shine.

Beyond their ornamental appeal, our pens simply feel good to write with. The beads form a pleasing shape to grip, reducing hand strain during longer writing sessions. 

Their smooth surfaces won’t irritate skin. Beaded pens also tend to be lightweight and well balanced. Combine those practical factors with their captivating appearance, and our pens provide an all around excellent writing experience. They can make mundane letter writing or journaling feel more special.

Use sparkling beaded pens to sign important documents or address fancy event invitations for an extra touch of elegance. Incorporate our pens into artistic projects like handwritten quotes, poems, or card making. Or keep one handy in your purse or pocket to never be without a statement making writing tool!

Young kids can also benefit from using these pens. The beads offer an easy to grip surface for little hands still developing fine motor skills. And kids love showing off fun pens bearing their favorite colors, characters, and designs. Help boost school aged children’s motivation to practice writing skills and homework assignments by providing colorful beaded pens. The perfect fusion of style and function, our pens encourage proper pen grip and make writing simply more exciting.

 Excellent gifts too

Clearly, beaded pens appeal to all ages with their combination of fashionable ornamentation and comfortable functionality. Crafting your own allows full creative control to decorate a pen precisely matching your style preferences. Or choose from the array of premade beaded writing implements to find designs suited to your tastes. Either route, our pens add beauty, comfort, and self expression to the writing experience. Keep some on hand to make journaling, signing documents, artistic projects, or any writing task more enjoyable. With so many superb qualities, our pens make excellent gifts too. Share these crafty pens to help spread both style and writing inspiration!