Collection: Silicone Beads in Solid Colors

Silicone Beads Add Color and Texture to Crafts and Decor

Silicone beads are small, colorful spheres made of flexible, durable silicone rubber. These beads come in a rainbow of solid colors and can be used in a variety of craft, jewelry making, and decoration projects to add pops of color, interesting shapes and irresistible textures.

What Are Silicone Beads?

Silicone beads are tiny balls of colored silicone material that maintain their shape while still having flexibility and stretch. The silicone makes them very durable and means they will not crack or break easily. Silicone beads come in a wide range of bright solid colors like red, blue, purple, yellow and more. Their small size and vivid colors makes them ideal embellishments.

Our beads can be purchased in mixed multi-color packs or jars of one solid color only. Popular sizes range from 3 mm up to 20mm beads, allowing crafters to choose the perfect size for their projects. When starting out, sample and variety packs can help discover favorite color combinations.

Key Features and Benefits of Silicone Beads

Silicone beads have some unique characteristics that make them very well suited for handmade projects and decorations:

  • Durable yet flexible - Withstands use and pressure without cracking. Can stretch and compress as needed.
  • Vibrant solid colors - Available in almost any hue to perfectly match color themes. Solid colors allow for bold, saturated looks.
  • Interesting round shape - Adds an eye-catching silhouette and texture versus flat embellishments.
  • Workable size - Smaller beads under 10mm work well for jewelry making while larger sizes stand out in ornament and decor crafts.

Where to Find Silicone Beads in Solid Colors Wholesale

Crafters looking to purchase silicone beads in solid colors wholesale and bulk pricing options online and at specialty retailers. When buying wholesale solid color silicone beads, shoppers can take advantage of volume discounts for purchasing jars, packs and assortments. This allows the flexibility to design and create without worrying about running out of a certain color.

Online sites like Etsy offer silicone focal  beads wholesale and retail both. Sellers focus specifically on craft supplies. The beads can be purchased by color or mixed multi-packs in popular sizes and quantities for an affordable price with customization options. Large jars containing thousands of beads can supply endless long term projects.

Retail chains that focus on arts, crafts and home decor products are also a source for silicone beads both in stores and online. Places like Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michael's sell bead assortments curated for jewelry making, kid’s activities, decorative embellishing and more. Shoppers can browse the bead aisles and purchase jars sized from a few ounces up to pounds of beads containing hundreds or thousands of pieces.

Inspiring Ways to Use Silicone Beads

Here are some ideas and examples where silicone beads can add the perfect decorative touch with their vivid colors and spherical shape:

Jewelry Designs

Silicone beads in bright solids paired with complementary shaped beads make eye-catching jewelry like stretch bracelets, keychain tassels and necklaces kids can create. Mixing textures like wood, glass and acrylic beads along with silicone pieces results in interesting, on-trend looks.

Hair Accessories

For cheer hair bows, rings, scrunchies, headbands and other hair decorations, silicone beads secured tightly together on elastic cords or bands allow movable accents that won’t easily break. Girls can match their hair accessory colors to their mood or outfit.

Home Decor and Crafting

In general craft projects, silicone beads for pen, work well for ornament making, dollhouse and diorama detailing, wreaths, candle designs and more, allowing colorful special touches and embellishments. Larger silicone beads make great cabinet knobs and drawer pulls for a modern, sleek look. Arrange beads in glass vases and bowls to create art and give visual interest.

School Supplies

Younger kids love personalizing their backpacks, pencil cases and water bottles. Let them glue on any combination of colorful silicone beads to spell their names or create shapes and characters they love for a fun way to show their personality. The beads are durable enough to withstand student use.

Footwear Design

Add visual wow factor to basic flip flops by gluing multi-colored silicone beads tightly together to make unique beaded floral designs across the top of the sandal foot bed. The silicone material works well for flexibility and comfort in shoes.

As you can see, imaginative crafters and artists can find many uses for silicone beads in solid colors. Available wholesale, these tiny colored orbs offer a big visual impact with their saturated hues, simple round shape and fun texture. Silicone beads promise to delight with their versatility.