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Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, 15 mm

Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, 15 mm

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Silicone Beads

  • Made from durable, flexible Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, 15 mm
  • Safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Withstand weather, water and general wear-and-tear
  • Come in bright solid pigments and translucent shades
  • Extensive range of colors for design options
  • Excellent for jewelry, crafts, embellishment projects

Solid Colors

  • Beads are uniformly painted same shade throughout
  • Vibrant hues that do not fade or bleed
  • Simplify designing with matching monotone strands
  • Create graphic impact with blocks of uncomplicated color
  • Balance beads with mixed textures, metals or stones
  • Work well for beginners for learning basic stitches

15 mm

  • Standard Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, 15 mm
  • Large enough for detailed stringing patterns
  • Won’t slip through hands yet manageable to manipulate
  • Balanced size not too small or overly bulky to string
  • Leave room for interesting bead combinations
  • Layer, stack or mix with 11/13 mm for variation

Beading Stitches

  • Stitch beads together in linear rows or circular designs
  • Popular stitches - peyote, loom, brick, netting and more
  • Endless freehand creations possibly beyond patterns
  • Therapeutic process calms mind and boosts dexterity
  • Build textile-like surfaces to decorate home or self

Jewelry Design

  • Craft earrings, bracelets, necklaces of Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, 15 mm
  • Personalize with charms, wire work or gemstone accents
  • Sell handmade accessories through digital stores, markets
  • Monetize creative hobbies to earn supplemental income
  • Give colorful, giftable pieces made with passion and care
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