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Soft Silicone Ring Frame Bead Circle Round Flexible 65mm

Soft Silicone Ring Frame Bead Circle Round Flexible 65mm

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Silicone rings have become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional metal wedding bands and rings. One of the most versatile and customizable options of our Soft Silicone Ring Frame Bead Circle Round Flexible 65mm is the soft silicone ring frame bead circle that is round and flexible at 65mm in diameter. This creative ring allows for limitless personalization with focal beads and charms to match anyone's style.

The Soft Silicone Construction and Benefits

The frame of this creative ring is made of soft, flexible silicone that is comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin. Silicone is hypoallergenic and waterproof, making these rings perfect for daily wear. The material also provides a non-constricting fit that adjusts to the natural swelling and contraction of fingers throughout the day.
The standard flexible ring has an outer diameter of 65mm which corresponds to a U.S. ring size 11. However, the stretchy silicone material allows the rings to fit sizes from 8 to 15 comfortably. This makes it easy to find the perfect fit. The width of the ring is 6mm which provides a substantial look and feel on the finger without excessive bulk.

Customizable With Focal Beads and Charms

What makes this type of Soft Silicone Ring Frame Bead Circle Round Flexible 65mm really unique is the fully customizable bead frame design. There are 12 holes spaced equidistant around the band allowing for focal beads, charms, gems, or other adornments to be added by the wearer. This provides endless options for creating a personalized ring that showcases what wearers love or reflects their personality.
Our  beads and charms can be made of various materials like silicone, acrylic, wood, bone and even gemstones. Popular options are flower shapes, animal charms, infinity symbols, hearts, and semi-precious stone beads like tiger eye, turquoise, jade and quartz. The sky's the limit for mixing and matching beads on the flexible silicone frame.

Men's Soft Silicone Rings

While these customizable rings appeal to women, they have also become a popular men's wedding band alternative. The soft silicone construction provides comfort for active lifestyles. Men appreciate being able to accessorize their band with beads that express their personality. Beads like arrows, axes, crosses, sports themes and glyphs provide masculine focal points. The stretchy fit and lack of metal also makes this option very practical for men working with machinery or electricity where metal bands can be hazardous or interfere with work.

Where to Shop Online

These Soft Silicone Ring Frame Bead Circle Round Flexible 65mm are available from many online retailers. Searching for terms like "silicone bead ring" or "focal bead ring" will bring up lots of shopping options. has a nice selection of sizes and focal bead choices for both women and men.

Finding Inspiration Online

 You'll see inspiring options from boho chic looks with lots of beads to very minimalist rings with only a couple focal points.
The options for personalizing a soft silicone bead ring are endless. With its flexible fit, customizable bead holes, and hypoallergenic material, this creative ring provides a comfortable, versatile and personalized alternative to traditional metal bands. Allow your interests, hobbies and personal style shine by decorating a soft silicone ring frame with beads that express who you are. The result will be a comfortable ring you can wear every day for years to come.
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