Collection: Silicone Focal Beads

Silicone Focal Beads Prices

  • 1 pieces = $0.50
  • 20 pieces = $8
  • 50 pieces = $20
  • 100 pieces = $40

Increasingly popular craft supply

Silicone focal beads have become an increasingly popular craft supply in recent years. These small, lightweight beads come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them versatile for all kinds of crafts and DIY projects. From jewelry to home decor, these beads allow crafters to add pops of color, texture, let their versatility and visual uniqueness inspire your imagination today.e, and visual interest.

What Are Silicone Focal Beads?

Silicone focal beads are craft beads made out of flexible, durable silicone. Unlike glass craft beads that can break, silicone beads are soft, squeezable, and nearly impossible to break. Their flexibility makes them easy to string onto cord, wire, or elastic to create jewelry. It also allows them to be sewn into fabrics or hot glued onto many surfaces. The silicone material gives the beads a slightly rubbery texture that feels smooth to the touch.

Our beads come in seemingly endless color options ranging from neutrals to bright neons. Popular shapes include rounds, cubes, teardrops, stars, hearts, flowers, and more abstract options. The sizes generally range from 2mm up to 20mm. Many people use a variety of sizes and shapes together in their projects to create visual interest through differences in proportion.

Usage of beads in crafting

Jewelry Making

These beads are extremely popular in jewelry making. Their flexibility and durability make them perfect for stretch bracelets, necklaces, keychains, lanyards, and more. The soft silicone bends comfortably around the wrist or neck without poking. Brightly colored beads lend themselves well to fun costume jewelry pieces. Mixing shapes and sizes of these beads can result in boho-chic styles. Even fine jewelry makers may incorporate a few complementary silicone beads into their designs.

Home Decor

The lightweight, flexible properties of our silicone focal beads also work nicely for certain home decor applications. The beads can be hot glued or sewn into decorative throw pillows to add pops of color and texture without significantly increasing weight. Similarly, the beads can embellish table runners, curtains, wreaths, wall hangings, and various fabric crafts without sagging or tearing delicate materials. Their durability also allows them to withstand normal wear and tear once incorporated into finished home decor.

Kids’ Crafts

For children’s craft projects, our silicone focal beads have many advantages over glass options when all forms of safety are considered. If a piece of jewelry breaks, silicone beads will not scatter across the floor with sharp, dangerous edges. Even infants can nibble on silicone beads without a choking hazard or toxins leaching into their mouths. The flexibility and strength of the silicone allows even very young kids to manipulate and incorporate the beads into their artwork and designs. From lacing projects to necklaces to sensory play items, our beads enable safe, developmentally appropriate crafts.

Where to Buy Quality Beads

Silicone focal beads are produced for wholesale distribution to craft stores, bead shops, discount retailers, dollar stores, and online marketplaces. To browse the largest selections and lowest prices, check stores specializing in jewelry-making supplies like Mass retailers provide affordable packages for casual crafters or those needing beads for kids’ projects. And the internet offers both bulk quantities for resellers as well as retail packs with specialty styles.

For example, searching “quality beads“ quickly connects businesses to bead suppliers with tiered pricing based on websites give info to find these items. 

A Fun, Functional Craft Supply

With endless options for colors, shapes, and sizes, our beads strike an ideal balance between form and function. Their durable, flexible, lightweight construction handles regular craft use from sewing and hot gluing to creating stretchy elastic jewelry. Yet unlike plain craft beads, the silicone sculpting allows for detailed shapes from sweet little hearts to flowers, butterflies, stars, and more. Both kids and adults will enjoy embellishing projects with dimensional beads that continue looking bright, crisp, and in-tact over time.