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Solid Color Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big Size

Solid Color Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big Size

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Our Solid color silicone beads offer a unique way to enhance craft projects with vibrant colors and interesting textures. The 19mm large bead size creates a bold, eye-catching element while remaining versatile enough for use in all kinds of arts, crafts, and jewelry making. With the right solid color silicone beads, creative crafters can make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, home decor items, accessories, and more.

Choosing the Best Solid Color Silicone Beads in 19mm

When selecting solid color beads for your next project, look for quality silicone that is soft and pliable yet resistant to heat, cold, and UV rays. Opt for smooth, spherical beads in rich, opaque colors that pop. The 19mm bead size of our Solid Color Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big provides ample canvas for displaying dazzling hues. Plus, the larger beads make a statement without overpowering delicate materials like cord or chain.
Reputable bead makers offer solid color silicone beads in 19mm size in a rainbow of colors. Choose classic shades like crimson red, emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. Opt for vibrant brights like neon pink, sunshine yellow, lime green, and fiery orange. For a versatile neutral, try black, white, or transparent beads. Mix and match colors within a project for eye-catching combos.

Getting the Best Bulk Pricing on 19mm Beads

Crafters looking for great deals on beads should buy solid color silicone beads in bulk. Bulk bead pricing allows you to stock up on 19mm beads at discounted rates. Opt for Economical 100 gram bags or larger 1/2 kilo and 1 kilo bags to maximize savings. Buying beads in bulk means you can make numerous projects without worrying about replenishing supplies.
When buying 19mm beads in bulk, avoid cheap poor quality imports. Inferior beads often lack consistency in size, shape, and color. Opt for quality silicone beads made by reputable U.S. bead makers. Exceptional quality control ensures uniform beads that look great in every project.

Large 19mm Round Beads Enhance DIY Jewelry Projects

Jewelry makers will love enhancing their designs with our large 19mm round silicone beads. The 1⁄2 inch size adds bold accent beads to necklaces. Use a few sporadically between smaller beads for pops of color. Or create chunky statement necklaces using solely 19mm beads. The large holes accommodate most cording, chain and wire.
These beads also make great spacers for bracelets. Slide Solid Color Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big onto cord or wire between clusters of small beads to create definition. The round shape and smooth finish give DIY bracelets a polished look.
For variety, mix solid beads with multi-colored faceted beads like crystals and glass. Combining opaque solids with transparent faceted beads creates striking light play.
Crafters can also use our 19mm beads to make glamorous earrings. Create simple studs or dangle beads from French wire hooks. Cluster multiple beads together for dramatic chandelier designs. Add length with chain dangles adorned with solid beads. The options are endless!

Home Décor Projects Pop with 19mm Silicone Beads

Home crafters should think beyond jewelry when using 19mm silicone beads. These versatile beads also create incredible home accents that add artistry to any living space. Here are some ideas:
  • Make whimsical curtain tie-backs by gluing large beads in clusters on ribbon. Hang ties from rod pocket panels or clip them onto grommet curtains.
  • Embellish throw pillows with beads hot glued or sewn onto the edges of pillow fronts. Outline standard pillow insert sizes or create geometric patterns.
  • Edge placemats and table runners with beads for an eye-catching border. Sew or glue beads onto fabric edges before hemming.
  • Make trivets by adhering large beads into fun patterns on cork, felt or silicone bases.
  • Create abstract art by affixing beads into unique designs on canvas. Paint the canvas first for added dimension.
  • Spruce up vases, jars, bowls and other vessels by gluing beads around the outsides in stripes, polka dots or floral designs.
The design possibilities are endless with 19mm silicone beads!

Kids Love Crafting with Safe, Versatile 19mm Beads

Solid color 19mm silicone beads are a kid-friendly craft supply that provides hours of open-ended fun. Their large size is easy for small hands to handle. The beads are made from food-grade, non-toxic silicone, so they’re safe for curious mouths. And they’re so versatile, kids can use them to make almost anything their imaginations dream up.
Set up a bead crafting station and let kids string the beads into necklaces, bracelets and more. They can also use lacing cords and make the beads into keychains. Clothespins covered in beads transform into whimsical creatures like ladybugs, turtles and pandas.
Young kids can strengthen hand-eye coordination by stringing and sorting beads by color. Older kids can follow bead loom patterns to weave potholders and bookmarks. The beads are great for STEM activities too. Have kids predict how many beads can fit in a certain volume, then test their theories.

Incorporating sorting and counting

Make learning numbers and colors extra fun by incorporating sorting and counting activities with colorful silicone beads. The open middle also provides sensory stimulation for fidgety fingers. Solid color 19mm silicone beads promise hours of open-ended building and creating for kids of all ages.
With their bold size, endlessly versatile nature, and kid-safe qualities, Solid Color Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big have unlimited potential for crafting and creating. Stock up on bulk bags of beads in every color to ensure you have great supplies ready for any project. Let the beads spark imagination and bring vibrancy to handmade jewelry, home décor, kids’ activities and more.
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