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Extra Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm

Extra Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm

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Extra Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm - An Eye-Catching Crafting Essential
Extra glossy opal silicone beads in a solid 15mm size are a crafter's dream for adding shimmer and color to a wide variety of projects. The beautiful opalescent finish reflects light in shades of blue, violet, and green that shift and dance as the beads move. These mesmerizing multi-colored beads are available in a convenient wholesale case of 1440 pieces, providing creative enthusiasts an ample supply for countless crafts at an economical bulk rate.
The glossy opaque finish gives the beads a gem-like luster that dresses up everything from jewelry to holiday decorations. 
In wearable products
The smooth, round shape allows the beads to lay nicely against the skin when used in necklaces, bracelets, and other wearable accessories. The solid 15mm size works well for chunky statement pieces. String the silicone beads together, add focal beads and charms, and create stylish jewelry to complement any outfit.

Add interest and texture
Our beads aren't just for jewelry, however. Add Extra Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm to floral arrangements and candle centerpieces to contribute an intriguing pop of color. Use them in shaker cards and other paper crafts to add interest and texture. Sew them onto clothing, bags, pillows, and other fabric items as whimsical embellishments. Drop them into a clear vase or bowl as a pretty decoration. The options are endless for showcasing these shimmery beads.
Silicone is an ideal material for crafting beads. It's flexible and durable, so the beads can bend and stretch without damage. The non-porous surface resists dirt, which makes cleaning the beads easy when reusing them for new projects.

Characteristics of beads

Silicone is also hypoallergenic, free of latex and phthalates, and withstands exposure to moisture, heat, and cold. These characteristics make the beads safe for use in items worn close to the skin.
The opal color isn't the only option for these extra glossy silicone beads. They come in a wide selection of solid hues including bright rainbow colors and popular neutrals like black, white, silver, and gold. Mix and match shades within a project to create custom color combinations. Pairing complementary colors, like red and green, blue and orange, or purple and yellow, allows each shade to stand out. Contrasting colors, like black and white or silver and gold, also look striking together.

Beads in wholesale

For crafters and artisans who love working with beads, purchasing them wholesale in cases is the most practical option. Buying 1440 pieces at once provides enough beads for multiple projects, while taking advantage of the lower per piece cost of buying bulk. The beads ship packaged in a sturdy box with a handle for easy transport and storage. The case keeps the beads neatly organized and prevents spills or tangles.

Versatile crafting component

Investing in a case of extra glossy 15mm opal silicone beads adds a versatile crafting component to any creative toolkit. Their shining opalescent finish provides an entrancing pop of color that takes jewelry, floral designs, home decorations, clothing embellishments, and mixed media works to the next level. Their smooth silicone construction allows for flexibility in use while being gentle on skin. Expand your beading palette with these Extra Glossy Opal Silicone Beads, Solid Color, 15mm beads available wholesale in a handy storage
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