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Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, Round Small Size 12mm

Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, Round Small Size 12mm

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Do you enjoy crafting and creating? Do you love adding pops of color and whimsy to your DIY projects? If so, you need to get your hands on these brilliant little silicone beads!

Incorporated into different projects

Measuring our Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, Round Small Size 12mm petite rounds pack a visual punch. Their small scale allows them to be incorporated seamlessly into jewelry, home decor, kids' crafts, festive decorations, and so much more. But don't let their diminutive dimensions fool you - their vibrant hues and smooth, bouncy texture ensure they will be noticed and appreciated.
Choose from a kaleidoscopic palette of rich, saturated solids. Crimson, emerald, sapphire, gold...the options are seemingly endless. Mix and match to create dazzling color combinations or opt for a single dramatic shade. Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, Round Small Size 12mm solid colors are true and uniform all the way through the bead. No matter how you use them, their flawless hues are guaranteed to impress.

 Extra comfortable to wear in jewelry

Made from flexible, durable silicone, these little orbs are resilient and built to last. Their springy, stretchy material bounces back into shape when squished and won't crack or break. Plus, silicone beads are non-toxic and safe for kids. Their supple texture also makes them extra comfortable to wear in jewelry.
Take advantage of their generous size availability too. From minute seed beads to jumbo beads over an inch wide, you can find the perfect silicone rounds for your project. The 12mm beads up for sale now provide a nice midrange size - substantial enough to make a statement but still small enough to mix and mingle within designs.
These splendid spheres roll out the welcome mat for creativity and fun. Turn them into:
  • Vibrant floral bouquets by threading beads onto florist wire. Group them into blossoms and add curling wire stems.
  • Luxe statement necklaces and bracelets. Use chunky cords or thin ribbons as bead holders.
  • Dazzling curtain tiebacks and lush tassels for scarves or lampshades.
  • Shimmery garlands by stringing beads and draping them across mantels, doorways, railings, and more.
  • Colorful place card holders. Glue beads to cardstock tags with guests' names.
  • Radiant wine glass markers by placing beads into glasses so guests can identify their own.
  • Dangly earrings, kicking your style up a notch.
  • Kid-friendly fridge magnets, dream catchers, sun catchers, and more, made 100% safe for little hands.
Your creative options with these sensational spheres are nearly limitless. Use them anywhere you want to infuse a sense of playfulness and vibrant color. With their smooth texture, flawless hues, and flexible resilience, these beads are sure to become your new go-to embellishment for arts, crafts, jewelry, and home decor.

Added playful touch

At just 12mm in diameter, these petite rounds offer the perfect mid-sized accent. Their smaller scale brings definition, intricacy, and visual interest to designs without overtaking them. For an added playful touch, you can easily mix in multiple sizes too. But with their saturated solids and smooth silicone construction, even the 12mm beads on their own still ensure eye-catching sparkle.
With this special Silicone Beads, Solid Colors, Round Small Size 12mm assortment, the only limit is your imagination. Each piece is consistently sized and shaped for easy mixing, matching, and patterning. Claim these little treasures now to add a healthy dose of color and charm to your next project. Bring your visions to life with flexible, durable beads that vibrate with pure, vibrant hues. Crafting has never been so fun and fulfilling!


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