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Hexagon Silicone Beads in Solid Colors 14mm

Hexagon Silicone Beads in Solid Colors 14mm

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Hexagon silicone beads in solid colors 14mm are a crafter's dream for adding vibrant pops of color and unique textures to a wide variety of arts and crafts projects. These versatile beads are available in a rainbow of colors, allowing you to match them to any color scheme. Bulk and wholesale packs make hexagon silicone beads affordable for large scale crafting on a budget.

What Makes These Beads So Useful?

The 14mm size of these silicone beads strikes the perfect balance of being big enough to make an impact but still small enough to mix and match. Each bead is molded into a hexagonal shape, allowing them to fit closely together when strung or clustered into designs. The molded hexagon shape also catches and reflects light in an appealing way.

The beads have a matte finish and smooth texture that is pleasing to handle. Since they are made of flexible, stretchy silicone, the beads are durable enough for kid crafts and bouncing back when squeezed without breaking. Unlike glass, wood, or plastic beads, these silicone beads won’t crack, peel, or shatter.

Vibrant Solid Color Options

Crafters will delight in the wide range of color options available in 14mm hexagon silicone beads. From bright primary hues like crimson red and sunshine yellow to pastel shades like robin’s egg blue and lavender, there is a beautiful bead color to enhance every project. Mixing and matching allows for custom color blends. Neutral solid whites and blacks lend versatility across color schemes as spacers and anchors.

Hexagon Silicone Beads in Solid Colors 14mm

Great for Jewelry Making and Beyond

Jewelry makers will find endless uses for colorful 14mm silicone hex beads for all types of designs from children’s bracelets on elastic cord to statement artisan necklaces and everything between. The flexibility and durability of silicone makes hexagon beads suitable for jewelry that moves and bends with the wearer without damage to the beads. Those bold pops of color draw attention as focal points in handmade jewelry.

In addition to jewelry projects, keep Hexagon Silicone Beads in Solid Colors 14mm in mind for holiday ornaments, keychains, decorative jars, paper craft accents, kids’ art projects involving textures and colors, themed party favors, pet accessories, and more uniquely creative ideas not yet imagined! The beads can be glued into place, strung on various types of cording or wire, tied on with embroidery floss or baker’s twine, centered in polymer clay molds, and incorporated into all kinds of mixed media art.

Affordable Bulk and Wholesale Packs

For avid crafters and artists, buying Hexagon Silicone Beads in Solid Colors 14mm packs offers big savings compared to small quantity bead packs. Find high volume packs available in 100g, 500g, and 1 kilogram lots containing thousands of individual beads online and in craft stores. Taking advantage of bulk bead deals allows you to build up an impressive stash of supplies for just pennies per piece.

Many online bead and jewelry making suppliers offer wholesale savings on volume orders of silicone hex beads in 14mm and other sizes. Wholesale pricing enables crafters to buy beads at a fraction of standard per-piece retail cost. Build up enough bead inventory at wholesale rates to support years of ongoing projects and handmade gifts for family and friends.

With thousands of colorful 14mm hexagon silicone beads ready for any creation, the only limit is your imagination. These versatile beads promise to deliver vibrant style and texture to all your unique handcrafted art and jewelry projects.


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