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Silicone Lentil Beads Spacers Saucers 12mm

Silicone Lentil Beads Spacers Saucers 12mm

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Our silicone lentil beads spacers are small, lentil-shaped plastic craft components that can be very useful in a variety of DIY and jewelry making projects. The spacers are available in a range of sizes, but the 12mm size spacers are a popular choice for many crafters and artisans. We will explore why these handy little spacers are worth having on hand and where you can find silicone lentil beads spacers 12mm near me.

So why use silicone lentil beads spacers in crafts and jewelry? One of the standout benefits is that the spacers can help provide consistent spacing and gaps between other components in a project. For example, when stringing beads for necklaces or bracelets, adding lentil bead spacers at regular intervals can provide visual separation between the beads and enhance the overall look. Our spacers take up space on the string or wire, creating defined segments for showcasing different beads.

In addition to bead stringing and jewelry making, the 12mm size lentil spacers have numerous uses in papercrafts, scrapbooking, wreath making, and more. The spacers can be glued onto cards or scrapbook pages to provide dimensional detail. Crafters also utilize the spacers in wreath forms, floral arrangements, and other decorative pieces to provide consistent gaps and elevations between elements.

Lentil spacers are wonderfully versatile 

Our lentil spacers are wonderfully versatile because they come in a neutral transparent color, they have a smooth round-edged shape, and they feature a hole running across the diameter for stringing or mounting purposes. The hole enables the spacers to be threaded or wired in place within practically any project. Being made of flexible silicone, the spacers are also quite durable and resistant to oils, heat, and taking on odors.

When shopping for our silicone lentil beads spacers 12mm near me, there are plenty of options available at local craft stores. Major national retailers like and typically carry varied selections of spacers in their beading and jewelry making aisles. These spacers may be sold in multi-size variety packs or specifically in 12mm size packs. If you wish to see and examine the spacers in person before purchasing, visiting one of these bigger craft chains is a safe bet.


Silicone Lentil Beads Spacers 12mm

Best price and selection without leaving home

Beyond the major chains, many independent local bead shops and artisan jewelry supply stores also offer lentil spacers for sale. These specialty retailers cater to jewelers, beaders, and crafters. While their overall selection may be smaller than the big stores, their focus on jewelry components means they usually have quality spacers in essential sizes like 12mm. Seeking out a specialized local bead shop can connect you with spacers and other helpful products for your projects.

For the best price and selection without leaving home, shopping online for "silicone lentil beads spacers 12mm near me" will yield many choices. Top sites and contain numerous listings from sellers offering packs of spacers in various color and quantity options. Browsing among multiple sellers lets you compare prices and reviews to find the best spacers to suit your needs. Checking product dimensions is important too, as silicone spacer sizes may vary slightly across different brands.

With many possibilities both nearby and online, silicone lentil beads spacers can be easy to source. Keeping a bag of those handy 12mm size spacers on your craft table ensures you have versatile components ready to add interesting detail and dimension to all kinds of DIY designs and jewelry pieces.

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