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Hexagon Shaped Printed Silicone Beads Spacers, 14mm

Hexagon Shaped Printed Silicone Beads Spacers, 14mm

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Our Hexagon shaped printed silicone beads spacers are a unique and versatile crafting supply perfect for jewelry making, scrapbooking, card making, mixed media art, and more. These innovative 14mm spacers feature a hollow hexagon design printed with a variety of colors, patterns, and images that allow for endless creative possibilities.

High Quality Silicone Construction

The spacers are constructed from food grade silicone, making them flexible yet strong enough for use in jewelry and other handmade projects. Silicone is known for being durable, stable, and heat resistant, while still having a soft finish.

The silicone material allows the spacers to have thin walls and a lightweight feel, while maintaining their shape. This gives jewelry and crafts an eye-catching look without becoming too bulky or heavy to wear.

Variety of Styles and Designs

Our Hexagon shaped printed silicone beads spacers come in a wide selection of printed designs. From solid colors like red, blue, and yellow to fun rainbow tie-dye patterns, galaxy prints, animal prints, and more.

The printing is vibrant and clear, bringing any pattern or image to life. Having a variety to choose from allows crafters to select spacers that coordinate with their project supplies or match their personal taste and style.

Customizable Jewelry Component

A key benefit of these unique 14mm silicone hexagon spacers is their versatility in jewelry making. They can be used as bead caps, bead stops, between beads, as focal pieces, and even strung together to create a lightweight silicone chain.

The spacers add color, interest, and shape variety effortlessly to necklaces, bracelets, lanyards, eyeglass chains, and keychains. Mix and match solid colored spacers with patterned ones for even more design options when assembling jewelry.

Dimension for Multiple Uses

In addition to jewelry uses, the 14mm size of the hexagon shaped spacers make them ideal for paper crafts, kids crafts, altering art supplies, and other mixed media projects.

They can be adhered to paper, wood, canvas, scrapbook layouts, cards, boxes, albums, and more using glues, tape, brads, eyelets, and other methods. The colors and designs give quick decorative details, layers, and focal points to any handmade creation.

Kid Friendly Crafting Component

Hexagon shaped printed silicone spacers are a kid friendly craft supply that is safe, easy to use, and stimulating for young imaginations. From making bracelets to embellishing projects, the spacers allow kids to add color, shape, and texture without sharp edges or small pieces.

Adults can feel comfortable letting kids use the spacers independently for hours of creative play. The silicone material is non-toxic and durable enough for kids projects.

Affordable Craft Supply

Purchasing a pack of assorted printed hexagon shaped silicone spacers provides crafters with an affordable craft component to incorporate into an endless number of projects.

Bulk packs with multiple sizes, shapes, colors, and designs offer even more value and variety to work with. The reusable spacers offer much more bang for your buck compared to acrylic beads, findings, and other craft supplies.

Hexagon Shaped Printed Spacers Offer Versatility and Style

Hexagon shaped printed silicone beads spacers are truly an innovative craft component that offers versatility, customization, and affordability for all sorts of DIY projects. Whether you love beading, scrapbooking, making jewelry, or crafting with kids - these unique 14mm spacers will quickly become a supply staple.

The food grade silicone construction provides durability and flexibility to handle craft use. With a huge variety of printed colors, patterns, and images - the design options are endless. Jewelry makers will love using the spacers as bead caps, stops, between beads, and focal pieces with ease.

Beyond jewelry, the hexagon shape and 14mm size make the spacers ideal for paper craft embellishments, children's projects, altered art, and mixed media creations. Their colorful designs can instantly elevate gift tags, cards, layouts, canvas art, and more. Plus silicone is safe and easy for kids to use independently.

Purchasing affordable packs of assorted printed hexagon spacers supplies crafters with a reusable component they will reach for again and again. Allow your imagination run wild while enjoying quality, style, and versatility with these innovative silicone spacers!

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