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Printed Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big

Printed Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big

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Our Silicone beads have become an extremely popular craft and accessory component in recent years. Their versatility, durability, and colorful appearance make them ideal for a wide range of applications. One of the most sought-after sizes of silicone beads is the 19mm large bead. These bigger beads really stand out in jewelry, hair accessories, clothing embellishments, and more.
When shopping for our Printed Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big, there are a few key factors to consider:
Quality - Make sure to source beads that are made from 100% silicone, not cheaper plastic alternatives. Pure silicone has a smooth, non-porous surface that provides vivid color printing. The beads should also have a consistent size and shape.

Endless range of designs

Design - Printed silicone beads allow for an endless range of designs. Florals, geometrics, stripes, solids - the options are limitless. Consider coordinating beads with the theme or mood of your project. Vintage florals for a romantic look or bold geometrics for a modern style.

Bulk Availability 

 Crafters and designers will appreciate being able to purchase our Printed Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big in bulk. Buying a larger quantity means always having these statement beads on hand for projects and it also brings down the per-piece cost. Aim for a supplier that offers convenient bulk packaging options.

Good range of color options.

Color - Look for a good range of color options. Neutrals like black, white and gold make versatile choices. Pastels, neons, and bold brights allow for eye-catching accessories. Metallic shades are also popular for their shine and shimmer.
When sourcing 19mm printed silicone beads for your latest project, California-based Treasures Unlimited is a fantastic option. They are a leading wholesale supplier of silicone beads, jewelry components and craft accessories. Some key reasons to choose Treasures Unlimited include:
  • Huge selection of printed 19mm bead designs and colors. Florals, solids, geometrics and more.
  • Beads are high quality pure silicone - durable and vivid printing that won't fade.
  • Extremely well-priced wholesale beads in 19mm size. Low minimum orders.
  • Friendly customer service that can help with custom orders and unique projects.
  • Based in the USA - quick fulfillment and shipping.
  • They also carry every accessory you need like jewelry wire, clasps, earring hooks, keychains, etc

Access premium printed silicone beads

Treasures Unlimited makes it easy for designers and crafters to access premium printed silicone beads in 19mm and other popular sizes. Browse their website to see the hundreds of available designs and use their simple wholesale ordering process.

Some Design Ideas Using 19mm Printed Silicone Beads

The possibilities are endless when you're working with our Printed Silicone Beads 19mm Large Big! Here are just a few ideas to inspire your next DIY project:
  • Vibrant floral bead bracelets - Simply string assorted floral beads onto elastic cording for a hip boho-chic style.
  • Geometric pendant necklaces - Use metallic printed triangles, circles and squares to create bold geometric pendants, perfect for layering.
  • Statement headbands - Adhere 19mm beads in a mix of shapes and colors onto a plastic headband base. Top with feathers, tulle or ribbons.
  • Eye-catching bookmark tassels - String beads with inspirational quotes or fun icons onto tassel keychains and attach to bookmarks.
  • DIY lunch bags - Jazz up plain lunch bags by hot gluing or sewing on 19mm beads in fun food-inspired designs.
  • Embellished barrettes - Adhere beads onto the surface of hair clips and barrettes to add pops of color and texture.
  • Colorful zipper pulls - Simply slide printed beads onto the ends of zippers to create a fun focal point.
  • Bag charms - Attach clusters of 19mm beads to bag straps and zippers to make them uniquely yours.
  • Statement shoes - Glue clusters of beads onto plain sneakers, flats or sandals to transform them into bold accessories.

Versatility of beads

The versatility of our 19mm printed silicone beads makes them a smart addition to any crafter's bead collection. Keep a variety of colors and designs on hand so you're always prepared for your next beadwork project. Treasures Unlimited offers a large selection of bulk beads at affordable wholesale pricing - everything you need to create trendy DIY fashions and accessories!
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