How to make a silicone bead keychain with tassel?

Making customized keychains with beads is a fun DIY project that allows you to create unique accessories. Our silicone bead keychains with tassels make for particularly cute and playful keychains that add personality to your keys. The silicone material makes these keychains soft and flexible while still being durable. Adding letter beads or charm beads lets you spell out names or words to personalize the keychain. A tassel further decorates the keychain with a fun, flirty touch. With just our few simple supplies and techniques, you can easily learn how to make a silicone bead keychain with a tassel.

Supplies Needed


  • Silicone bead cord - This stretchy beading cord comes in a variety of colors and can be found at most craft stores. Get enough to make your desired keychain length.
  • Letter beads/charms - Choose letter beads to spell out a name or word or select fun charm beads that reflect the recipient's hobbies or interests. Collect enough beads for your personalized design.
  • Key ring - Select a small metal key ring to connect your finished keychain on keys.
  • Scissors - Any basic scissors will do for cutting the silicone cord.
  • A lighter - This is used to seal the ends of the cord.
  • Tassel caps - Look for coordinating silicone tassel caps or make your own tassels out of embroidery floss.




  1. Cut a Strand of Silicone Cord Determine your desired finished length and cut a strand of silicone bead cord a few inches longer - this gives you material to work with for attaching ends and the tassel. Most keychains are 6 to 8 inches long.
  2. Thread on Letter Beads Slide your chosen letter beads or charm beads onto the silicone cord, spacing them out how you prefer. Add any spacer beads you want between letters or charms. Ensure beads are pushed up against each other so they don't slide around.
  3. silicone bead keychain with tassel
  4. Melt Cord Ends Use a lighter to carefully and briefly melt both ends of the cord so the material seals together. This prevents beads from falling off. Let cool completely so the beads are secure.
  5. Add Key Ring Thread one melted end of the keychain through your small metal key ring. Pull cord through so the ring sits in the middle of the chain. Melt ends again, sealing the key ring in place inside the cord.
  6. Attach Tassels Thread your premade tassel caps or DIY tassels onto the open end of the cord. Space out any remaining letter beads if desired. Melt end again to seal in tassel. Do not overheat so as to avoid burning tassel trim.
  7. Personalize with Names Customize your keychain by spelling out names or words using letter beads. Play with color combinations and include meaningful charms. For a monogram keychain, use the initial letter bead of someone's first and last name with a larger feature bead in between.


Other Ideas and Tips


  • Try making matching best friend keychains by coordinating colors and using your names or initials.
  • Add swirl beads, hearts, flowers, animals, and more for additional flair. Mix and match metals like gold, rose gold and silver too.
  • Purchase a silicone bead keychain kit for convenient supplies to make multiple keychains in all sorts of fun patterns.
  • Braid three strands of silicone cord together for a chunky braided keychain design.
  • For a checked pattern, alternate two colors of letter beads in each row.
  • Ensure your key ring closure piece is small enough to thread ends through but still strong enough to hold keys.

The soft silicone and ability to customize makes our silicone bead keychains ideal accessories you can make in an afternoon. Play around with our  bead placements or tassel variations to design trendy keychains for yourself or thoughtful gifts for friends. With practice arranging letter and charm beads, you'll be able to make beautiful beaded keychains with names and meaningful phrases. Show off your crafty skills with handmade silicone bead keychains accentuated with fun tassels.


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