How to make Rhinestone Jewelry?

How to Make Rhinestone Jewelry from Scratch

Rhinestones can add that extra sparkle and pizzazz to any jewelry or fashion accessory. Making your own rhinestone jewelry is a fun and easy craft that allows you to customize pieces to match your personal style. With a few simple tools and materials, you can create beautiful rhinestone bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more from scratch.

Supplies Needed

Rhinestone Jewelry pliers - Both chain nose and flat nose pliers will be useful when working with jewelry components like headpins, eyepins, jump rings, and crimp beads.
Wire cutters - For cutting headpins and eyepins to size.
Findings - These premade components connect everything together. You'll need headpins, eyepins, jump rings, crimp beads, clasps, and other items. Purchase a jewelry findings kit for convenience.

Rhinestones - Available in various sizes and colors. You can use crystal, sapphire, emerald, or other colors.
Glue - A strong jewelry glue or E6000 that dries clear. Always check that the glue is safe for the material being used.
Beading wax or project surface - This helps keep rhinestones in place while gluing.
Jewelry cord - Such as nylon coated wire, memory wire, elastic beading cord.
Metal blanks - Ready-to-use pendants, earring blanks, cuffs, and other bases for attaching rhinestones.
Miscellaneous tools - Ruler, permanent marker, toothpicks for glue, etc.



How to make Rhinestone Jewelry

How to Make a Rhinestone Bracelet

A rhinestone bracelet makes a beautiful accessory and it's easy to customize with favorite colors and arranging the stones in unique patterns. For this project, you'll need:
-Memory wire bracelet base
-Rhinestones in desired colors and sizes
-Jewelry glue
Cut the memory wire to your wrist size using wire cutters. Lay it on your beading surface and arrange rhinestones along the bracelet how you'd like them. Flip the bracelet over and apply a small dot of glue to the back of each rhinestone, then press them back onto the correct spots on the top side of the bracelet. Allow the glue to fully dry before wearing your new rhinestone bracelet!
How to Make Rhinestone Earrings
Dazzling rhinestone earrings can be made by gluing stones onto ready-made earring blanks. For stud earrings, you'll need:
-Earring stud blanks
-Jewelry glue

Simply place a small dot of glue onto the front surface of an earring blank. Press your rhinestone onto the glue, holding for 30 seconds or until it sets. Repeat for the other earring. For hoops or dangles, connect rhinestones to eyepins and attach eyepins to the top loop of your earring wire.
How to Add Rhinestones to Leather
Leather jackets, shoes, handbags and more get a sparkle upgrade when you adorn them with rhinestones. Here's how to safely adhere them:
Be sure your leather piece is clean and dry first. Arrange rhinestones face down on the leather's surface. Apply a thin layer of E6000 glue to the rhinestone backs. Carefully turn them over and press onto the leather, holding for 60 seconds. Allow the E6000 to fully cure for 24 hours before wearing. Avoid getting leather wet to prevent glue damage.

DIY Rhinestone Creations

With a little imagination, you can use rhinestones to embellish and enhance almost any craft, accessory or clothing item:
-Rhinestone shoe clips
-Rhinestone headbands or hair clips
-Rhinestone trim on clothing, pillows or curtains
-Rhinestone initial & name pendants
-Rhinestone vases, lamps, mirrors or other home decor
-Rhinestone frames around license plates or signs
-Rhinestone buttons or brooches
The possibilities are endless! Let your creativity shine by designing custom rhinestone creations.

Rhinestone Tassel Drop Earrings

Long tassel earrings are trendy, and you can make your own by beading rhinestones onto earring wires. These earrings swing and shimmer with movement. Gather these supplies:
-Round and bicone rhinestone beads
-Earring wires with loops
-26 gauge wire
-Wire cutters
Cut a 5 inch length of wire. String beads in your chosen pattern onto the wire. Leaving a 1 inch tail, form a loop and twist tightly to secure beads. Trim excess wire. Attach one end of the wire to the top loop of an earring wire. Repeat to make a matching earring. Add a drop of glue over any exposed wires for added security.
Wholesale Jewelry Blanks for Rhinestoning
The base jewelry component that you add rhinestones onto is called a blank. Purchase wholesale blank jewelry in bulk for large projects or reselling completed pieces. Good blank options include:
-Pendants & necklaces
-Earring studs, hoops, wires
-Rings & bracelets
-Brooches & pins
-Hair barrettes & clips
-Phone cases
-Compacts & mirrors
Look for high quality blanks without surface defects. Stainless steel, sterling silver, and 14k gold plated are all good hypoallergenic choices. Have a range of sizes available for versatility. Simple and ornate designs give lots of options for creative rhinestoning!

Tips for Making Rhinestone Jewelry

-Use hot glue sparingly as it dries quickly. E6000 and jewelry glues offer a longer working time.
-Wash hands after handling rhinestones to remove skin oils that can interfere with gluing.
-Foil-back rhinestones reflect more light, while flat-back have a more subtle sparkle.
-Soak new jewelry overnight in soapy water to clean any residual glue or dirt from the stones.
-Store finished jewelry pieces inside sealable plastic bags so rhinestones won't fall off.
With a few essential tools and materials, you can let your imagination run wild while making sparkling rhinestone jewelry pieces from start to finish! The ability to customize your own designs offers endless options for coordinating with your personal style.

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