Rhinestone beads for bracelets

Rhinestone beads are a fun and glamorous way to add some sparkle to bracelets. With so many sizes, colors and shapes available, rhinestone beads offer endless possibilities for creating dazzling bracelet designs. Whether you want to make a chunky, attention-grabbing cuff or a delicate bracelet with subtle shimmer, rhinestone beads have you covered. Here are some tips on working with rhinestone beads for bracelets, from selecting the right beads to stringing and finishing methods.

Selecting Rhinestone Beads

Crystal Rhinestone Beads

Crystal rhinestone beads are high quality and precisely cut for maximum brilliance. Made from leaded glass, they have intense, rainbow sparkle. While more expensive than plastic rhinestones, crystal rhinestone beads are a great choice for heirloom quality jewelry. Opt for crystal rhinestones in clear or colors like red, blue and aurora borealis.

Rhinestone Bead Sizes

For bracelets, good all-purpose rhinestone bead sizes range from 2mm to 6mm. Larger 8-10mm beads can be used singly as spacers or focal points. Tiny 1-2mm beads are good for detailed borders or dangles. Mixing bead sizes adds visual interest.

Rhinestone Bead Shapes

Round rhinestone beads are classics, but explore other shapes too. Teardrops and briolettes dangle beautifully, squares and rectangles add geometry, while ovals and navettes provide elongated sparkle. Hearts, stars and flowers offer sweet options.

Metal Options

Rhinestone beads come in silver, gold and rose gold metal finishes. Match the beads to your bracelet chain or mix metals for multi-tone looks. Antique brushed finishes provide a vintage vibe.

How to Make Rhinestone Beads for Bracelets


  • Materials Needed
  • Rhinestone beads
  • Beading thread or jewelry wire
  • Clasps and findings
  • Beading needles
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Stringing with Thread
  • Cut a length of beading thread. Wax if desired.
  • String beads in desired pattern, leaving a 4" tail.
  • Tie beads in a tight double knot.
  • Apply glue inside knot or weave back through beads. Trim thread.
  • Attach clasp with jump rings.
  • Stringing on Wire
  • Cut 20-24 gauge wire to needed length.
  • String beads in pattern.
  • Bend ends into loops with pliers to attach clasp.
  • Coil ends attractively. Apply glue if needed.
  • Finishing Touches
  • For multi-strand bracelets, repeat process.
  • For dangling beads, make beaded dangles then attach.
  • For polished look, sew design onto flexible bracelet backing.
  • Best Rhinestone Beads for Bracelets

Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones

For brilliant, light-catching looks, you can't go wrong with Swarovski. Their precision-cut crystal rhinestones come in a huge range of colors and coatings. Popular options include sparkling Aurora Borealis and subtly iridescent Chaton Rose.

Rhinestone beads for bracelets
Preciosa Crystal Rhinestones

Another premier Czech brand, Preciosa offers crystal rhinestones renowned for their flawless cuts and dazzling facets. Their wide selection includes unique effects like holographic Xilion Rose cuts.

Czech Glass Rhinestones

Affordable and high-quality, Czech glass rhinestones have excellent clarity and sparkle. Available in many shapes and colors, these versatile beads work for any project. Try TierraCast beads.

Miyuki Seed Beads

Tiny faceted Miyuki seed beads make great micro-pave rhinestone settings. Their Delica beads have flat backs so they sit flush. Add sparkle between larger beads or cover entire bracelets.

Cupchain Rhinestones

Cupchain beads have metal cup settings holding the rhinestones for major bling. The linked design bends and drapes easily on wrists. Fun for DIY chainmaille-look cuffs.

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