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Rainbow Stripe Heart Printed Silicone Beads, 15mm

Rainbow Stripe Heart Printed Silicone Beads, 15mm

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Rainbow stripe heart-printed silicone beads have become an increasingly popular craft and jewelry-making supply over the past few years, and for good reason. These colorful 15mm beads are versatile, affordable, and add a fun pop of pizzazz to all kinds of projects. I recently tried out a set of rainbow stripe heart beads for the first time and wanted to share my review. 

Printed rainbow heart design

To start, I was pleased with the overall quality and appearance of the beads right out of the package. The silicone material has a nice springy, squishy texture and the beads bounce back into shape even after being squashed. The printed rainbow heart design is crisp and vibrant. I don't detect any fading or blurred edges, even on the smallest details. The stripes wrap fully around each spherical bead, which is great for stringing and getting the pattern visible from all angles. 

In terms of size, 15mm is a good medium size that works for a variety of designs from children's crafts to adult jewelry. The holes through the beads are a decent width too, making them easy to string onto various jewelry cords, elastic, thread, or wire. I didn't have any issues with splitting or tearing. 

Elastic cord to make a sweet bracelet

For my first project, I strung a bunch of rainbow hearts onto an elastic cord to make a sweet bracelet for my niece. The hearts moved freely along the stretchy cord and created a fun, dynamic stacked look on the wrist. The bracelet was easy for her to slip on and off and comfortable to wear all day long. 

Next, I tried sewing the silicone beads onto felt to create a soft ornament. The beads stitched up nicely without any needle sticking or resistance from the material. Once again, the color and pattern popped against the neutral background. 

Finally, I used a jewelry wire wrapping technique to incorporate the beads into a pair of earrings along with other coordinating charms. The lightweight silicone didn't add too much weight to the earrings and complemented the other materials well.

Overall, I'm impressed with the quality, print vibrancy, and versatility of these affordable rainbow stripe heart silicone beads. They could easily be used to make jewelry, keychains, zipper pulls, bookmarks, wearable art, seam embellishments, and more. Both kids and adults will enjoy using them for DIY projects or customizable gifts. The 15mm size hits a nice sweet spot too. I would definitely recommend giving Rainbow Stripe Heart Printed Silicone Beads a try for your next crafting or jewelry project!

Rainbow Stripe Heart Printed Silicone Beads, 15mm 

Rainbow stripe heart-printed silicone beads have become a staple item for many crafters and jewelry-making enthusiasts over the past few years. The colorful beads are made from flexible, durable silicone and feature stripes of rainbow colors arranged in an adorable heart design. Available in a 15mm size, these beads strike the perfect balance between small details and visible impact. 

The vivid rainbow colors and heart pattern printed on each spherical bead are eye-catching. But it's the versatility, affordability, and durability that really make rainbow stripe heart beads so popular for DIY projects. Read on to learn more about using these cute printed beads.

Material and Quality

The soft silicone material gives these beads a nice squishy, bouncy texture. They flex easily without snapping and return to their original round shape even after being squeezed flat repeatedly. This durability and flexibility make the beads great for children's craft projects and stretchy jewelry designs that will bend and move.

The rainbow heart pattern maintains its colorful vibrancy and crisp edges over time. It doesn't rub off or fade even when the beads are mixed and jumbled together. The stripes wrap fully around the beads too, allowing the pattern to be visible from all angles when strung or connected.

Size Options

While similar rainbow heart beads are available in sizes ranging from 10mm up to 20mm, the 15mm size offers the best balance of visibility and detail. The hearts and stripes are still clearly defined, allowing the pattern to stand out. Yet the 15mm size isn't overwhelmingly large, making the beads suitable for projects with a delicate or cohesive look.

15mm beads also work well for stringing with various jewelry materials. The holes are wide enough to accommodate flexible beading wire, nylon cord, elastic, thread, and more. Just take care not to stretch or tear the holes when stringing.

Uses and Projects

Rainbow stripe hearts are a whimsical addition to all types of handmade crafts and jewelry. Here are some ideas:

- Charm bracelets

- Stretchy bead bracelets

- Cluster earrings

- Ornaments

- Bookmarks

- Keychains

- Zipper pulls

- Felt or fabric embellishments

- ​Hair clips and ties

- Lanyards and ID badges

The versatility of silicone beads means you're limited only by your creativity. Let the rainbow heart beads add a playful splash of color and cheer to your next project.

Rainbow Stripe Heart Printed Silicone Beads, 15mm Wholesale

Rainbow stripe heart silicone beads have exploded in popularity among crafters, DIYers, jewelry makers, and creators of all kinds. The colorful printed beads add flair and whimsy to everything from charm bracelets to handmade ornaments. For shop owners and retailers looking to offer rainbow hearts at wholesale pricing for resale, high quality and good value are a must. 

When sourcing wholesale rainbow silicone beads, look for the following:

Quantity discounts - Buying beads in higher quantities should come with lowered per-piece pricing. Make sure your wholesale supplier offers appropriate volume discounts.

Consistent sizing and quality - All beads in each package should be around 15mm and free of major flaws, chips, or tears. The heart pattern print should be crisp and vibrant. 

Secure packaging - Wholesale beads should ship in bags or containers that prevent spilling and tangling. Numbers on the packaging indicate how many pieces are inside.

Made of 100% silicone - Pure silicone beads are safest for consumers and maintain their color and flexibility over time. Avoid cheaper plastic alternatives.

Easy ordering/shipping - A supplier with an efficient online ordering system and quick turnaround shipping ensures you get beads in stock when needed.

Good reviews - Customer feedback and reviews for the wholesale beads can reveal helpful details about quality, shipping, and service. 

Variety - Look for a supplier that offers an assortment of rainbow silicone bead sizes and shapes like hearts, stars, circles, squares, etc. 

With an ideal wholesale supplier, purchasing quality rainbow stripe heart beads in bulk is affordable and hassle-free. The cute beads can be resold at retail prices for nice profit margins. Crafters and jewelry makers will love enhancing their projects with these colorful silicone additions.

Rainbow Stripe Heart Printed Silicone Beads, 15mm Bulk

Rainbow stripe heart silicone beads have become a trendy DIY and craft staple. Their cheerful colors and fun printed design make them perfect for jewelry, keychains, ornaments, accessories, and imaginative projects. For avid crafters or small business owners, buying the beads in bulk quantities can be an economical way to acquire enough for multiple future projects. Here are some tips for purchasing rainbow beads in bulk.

Shop around - Check prices from bead and craft suppliers to find the best deals on bulk bead bags. Consider the cost per-piece rather than just the total price for a certain count of beads. 

Buy extra - It's generally cheaper to purchase more beads upfront. Go for a bulk amount that exceeds your current needs so you have a surplus on hand for future projects and make the most of bulk savings.

Mind minimums - Some suppliers require bulk purchases to meet a minimum quantity like 100, 500, or 1000+ beads. Factor required minimums into your order size. 

Request samples - If you can, order a small sampling of beads first to check that the quality meets expectations before investing in a large bulk order.

Look for variety packs - Many sellers offer rainbow bead assortments that include hearts plus stars, flowers, animals, and other printed designs all in one pack. Variety packs mean more options for crafts.

Compare packaging - Bulk beads may come loose in bags or neatly sorted in small compartments or tubes. Choose durable sorted packaging for easiest use.

Store carefully - Once bulk beads are opened, store them in sealable bags or divided organizing trays to prevent spills and tangles.

By following these tips, crafters and artists can acquire enough cute rainbow heart beads in bulk to allow for creative freedom in their upcoming projects, jewelry, gift items, and more. The beads are affordable when purchased in large mixed packs and add a colorful pop of pizzazz every time.

20mm Silicone Beads

Silicone beads offer crafters and jewelry makers an affordable, versatile material to work with. The rubbery plastic is flexible, durable, and comes in a rainbow of opaque and translucent colors. Beads can be found in a wide range of sizes for various projects, with 20mm being a popular mid-range option. Here's an overview of what makes 20mm silicone beads useful for DIY crafting and jewelry supplies.

Size - At 20mm, the beads are large enough to make a visual impact and show off detailed beadwork techniques, yet still remain lightweight and comfortable for jewelry wear. The hole is proportional too, making them easy to string.

Texture & Feel - Silicone beads have a smooth, rubbery feel that's soft to the touch. They bounce back readily if squeezed. The material is hypoallergenic too.

Color & Finish - Available in every color of the rainbow, the beads offer tons of variety. Some feature a solid opaque color while others have a translucent glass-like finish that diffuses light beautifully.

Durability - Strong and flexible, the beads can bend and compress without damage. The color stays true over time rather than chipping or rubbing off.

Variety of Shapes - From simple round beads to fun jewelry charms, raised flower shapes, heart beads, alphabet beads and more.

Affordability - Simple silicone beads are budget-friendly in comparison to materials like real gemstones. Great for kids' projects. 

Easy to Use - The lightweight beads are easy to string onto various jewelry cord, wire, elastic, ribbon and more using conventional crimping, knotting or gluing methods.

Adding 20mm silicone beads to handmade jewelry, accessories and craft projects allows makers to affordably add pops of color, dimension, and interest. Their flexibility also makes them well suited to children's crafts, stretchy bracelets, and interactive sensory items.

Pharmacy Silicone Beads

Silicone beads are increasingly popular staples for jewelry making, crafting projects, and sensory tools. Interest has grown around silicone beads designed specifically for pharmacies and medical facilities too. Here's an overview of pharmacy grade silicone beads and how they differ from conventional craft beads.

Material Safety - Pharmacy beads are made from ultra pure, medical or food grade silicone tested for safety if chewed or swallowed. Regular craft beads may contain unknown additives.

Cleaning - Sterilization resistant pharmacy beads can be boiled, autoclaved, or otherwise fully disinfected. They also withstand bleach and chemical cleaning without degrading.

Durability - Very high purity silicone offers enhanced temperature resistance, flexibility, and tear strength even with rough handling.

Size Consistency - Pharmacy grade beads deliver enhanced dimensional consistency to meet safety standards. No loose small beads or size variances.

Printed Designs - Pharmacy beads avoid printed images, opting instead for solid colors. This prevents ink exposure if chewed or mouthed.

Reduced Choking Risk - Pharmacy beads comply with small parts standards for pediatric safety. Craft bead hole sizes may vary.

While regular craft beads work beautifully for jewelry and projects, pharmacy silicone beads meet higher safety and consistency benchmarks critical for clinical and therapeutic settings. Their exceptional durability also makes them a smart choice for schools, daycares, and other high-use environments.

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