What can you make with silicone beads?

Silicone beads are small, colorful balls that can be used for a variety of crafts and projects. Their smooth, pliable texture makes them easy to work with and assemble into beautiful pieces. With a bit of creativity, silicone beads can be transformed into jewelry, home decor items, toys, and much more. Here are some ideas for things you can make with silicone beads.


One of the most popular uses for silicone beads is jewelry making. Silicone beads come in a rainbow of colors, sizes, and shapes, making them perfect for turning into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

One simple jewelry idea is to string silicone beads onto elastic cord to create chunky, stretchy bracelets. You can combine beads of different colors and sizes for a fun, funky look. These comfortable bracelets make great gifts for kids and teens.

For more sophisticated jewelry, silicone beads can be strung onto jewelry wire or thread. Create chokers, lariat necklaces, layered bracelets, and dangling earrings. Use crimp beads and other jewelry findings to finish the ends neatly. Add charms, gemstones, and other accents for extradetail.

Silicone bead jewelry is lightweight and flexible, and has a modern, tactile appeal. It’s easy to disinfect too, making it ideal for kids and adults alike.

Home Decor

Silicone beads aren’t just forwearables – you can use them to make all kinds of things to decorate your home.

Turn plain vases and containers into works of art by gluing silicone beads onto the surface in colorful patterns. Use a silicone adhesive and start at the top, working your way down and adding rows of beads. Pour a lightweight filler like sand or beads into the bottom of the vase for stability.

Make whimsical curtain tie-backs by hot gluing large silicone beads onto strips of ribbon. Add beads in alternating colors and sizes for visual interest. Attach a clip or ring at the end to tie onto curtain rods or loops.

Old lampshade looking tired? Give it new life by gluing assorted silicone beads all over the exterior shade. Outline patterns or cover the entire surface – the colors and textures will cast a fun glow when the light is on.

For a quick decorative touch, string silicone beads onto House Plant stakes. Push the stakes into potted plants to add a pop of color.

What can you make with silicone beads?

Kids’ Crafts

Silicone beads are an excellent crafting material for children, as they are easy to handle and forgiving to work with. Here are some kid-friendly project ideas:

  • Make simple bracelets by stringing beads onto elastic cord or lanyard hooks. Let kids combine their favorite colors and patterns.
  • Have kids transform plain hair clips and barrettes into beaded masterpieces by gluing on an assortment of colorful beads into designs and patterns.
  • Let children create cluster bead necklaces by gluing small groupings of beads onto a long cord at intervals. Different sizes and configurations add interest.
  • Help kids make “silly bands” by stringing silicone beads cut from tubing onto elastics. When worn these bands will take on funny shapes.
  • Use beads to embellish and personalize basic frames, boxes, and other craft projects. They can spell out names or outline shapes.
  • Make beaded keychains by attaching large beads and charms to key rings for an easy DIY kids can do themselves.

The soft texture and bright colors of silicone beads make them ideal for little hands. Supervise closely, and remind kids that they aren’t for mouthing. With that caution, beads inspire open-ended creativity.

Gifts and Accessories

Handmade items using silicone beads make wonderful gifts. Creating personalized accessories is also easy and affordable. Some fun ideas include:

  • Make customized lanyards for badges and IDs by stringing beads in any pattern. Add the person’s name, initials, or designs.
  • Create bead keychains with names or initials spelled out in beads. Use chunky block style beads that are easy toread.
  • Make bright beaded dog or cat collars by stringing beads onto adjustable nylon straps. Pick their favorite colors.
  • Spell out short phrases or words with beads on bracelets for themed gifts. For instance “Yoga” beads on a bracelet for a yoga enthusiast or “Nurse” for a nurse.
  • Adorn plain hair ties and headbands with colorful beads in favorite patterns for personalized gifts for kids.

With some thought, you can devise all kinds of bead-decorated accessories for loved ones. The beads add flair and customization to everyday items.

Jewelry Components

In addition to wearing silicone beads as-is, you can use them as components to make other jewelry pieces. With simple DIY jewelry skills, you can incorporate beads into more intricate designs.

  • Use silicone beads as spacers between other beads on stringing projects. Their soft texture prevents damage to fine beads.
  • Glue beads onto pieces made with metal, hemp, leather, or paracord to add pops of color and dimension. Adhere beads strategically as accents.
  • Attach multiple strands of silicone beads to jewelry components like clasps, cones, and metal head pins to make dangly, beaded elements for earrings, charms, and more.
  • Cut silicone tubing into thin rings and string onto head pins to make unique beaded beads that can be used on chainmaille projects.
  • Pierce large silicone beads to string them onto wire and other materials as focal points on statement jewelry designs.

With a basic jewelry skillset, the possibilities are endless for incorporating silicone beads into more intricate finished jewelry pieces. Let them inspire your creativity.

The versatility of silicone beads makes them a smart addition to any craft stash. Keep a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes on hand so you can make personalized jewelry, home accents, accessories, kid’s projects and more as the inspiration strikes. With just a few basic jewelry making skills and simple craft supplies, you can transform these bright little beads into all kinds of handmade wonders.

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