What size silicone beads for pacifier clip?

Pacifier clips are a must-have accessory for parents of babies and toddlers who use pacifiers. The clips attach to the child's clothing to prevent the pacifier from falling and getting lost or dirty. Many parents enjoy making their own homemade pacifier clips as a creative DIY project. One popular material used for handmade pacifier clips is silicone beads. Silicone beads have many advantages that make them an ideal component for pacifier clips.

What Size Silicone Beads Work Best

Silicone beads come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2mm up to 25mm in diameter. For pacifier clips, medium sized beads between 6mm and 10mm tend to work best. Beads that are too small, like 2mm to 4mm, are fiddly and difficult to work with. Larger beads over 10mm take up more space and add unnecessary weight. The most common sizes used for pacifier clips are 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.

6mm round silicone beads are a good starting point. They are large enough to easily string and knot while still being small enough to make delicate and lightweight clips. 8mm beads are also very popular and strike a nice balance between size and scale. 10mm beads make a bolder statement and are best for chunkier pacifier clips using thicker ribbons or fabrics.

It's a smart idea to purchase an assortment of sizes like 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm to allow for flexibility in designing pacifier clips. Having a range of bead sizes on hand allows you to experiment to see what works best for your specific project. Both plain round beads as well as shaped beads like hearts and stars can be mixed and matched.

Benefits of Using Silicone Beads for Pacifier Clips

There are many reasons why silicone beads are the perfect choice for handmade pacifier clips:

  • Safety - Silicone beads are baby-safe, BPA-free, and made from food grade silicone. This makes them ideal for putting into a baby's mouth. Some other bead materials like wood, plastic, or metal may contain toxins.
  • Soft - Silicone beads have a soft, squeezable texture which is pleasing for babies to grasp and chew on. The flexibility also prevents the beads from breaking teeth.
  • Lightweight - Silicone is very lightweight, so using beads will keep the pacifier clip from being too heavy for the baby's clothing.Heavy clips are prone to slipping off.
  • Colorful - Silicone beads are available in every color of the rainbow, making them perfect for adding pops of color and interest to pacifier clips.
  • Durable - Silicone is extremely durable and stands up well to chewing and pulling. The beads will last through many uses.
  • Easy to Clean - Silicone can be sterilized easily by boiling, steam cleaning, or washing in the dishwasher. This allows the beads to be sanitized between uses.
    What size silicone beads for pacifier clip?
    • Teething - Many babies enjoy chewing on the soft silicone beads, making them built-in teether beads. The beads massage and soothe sore gums.
    • Sensory - The smooth, glossy texture and bright colors of silicone beads stimulate babies' senses. Shaking the beads provides auditory stimulation as well.
    • Affordable - Silicone beads are very affordably priced, especially compared to other materials like wood. This makes it easy to accessorize many pacifier clips on a budget.

    How to Make Pacifier Clips with Silicone Beads

    Making pacifier clips with silicone beads is an easy DIY project that can be customized in infinite ways. Here are some tips and techniques:

    Supplies Needed


    • Silicone beads in desired sizes and colors
    • Pacifier clip hardware like ribbons, clips, rings, etc.
    • String, thread, thin rope, or elastic beading cord
    • Scissors
    • A needle for stringing beads

      Stringing the Beads

      • Cut a length of string, thread, rope, or elastic about 2 feet long. Fold it in half.
      • Thread the folded end through the needle and tie a knot at the bend.
      • String on the beads in any pattern desired. Mix shapes and sizes for visual interest.
      • Push the beads down firmly so they sit together snugly. Having too much space between beads looks sloppy.
      • Finish with a knot to secure the beads. Add a dab of glue inside the last few beads if needed.

        Adding the Clip Hardware

        • Use jump rings or a spyder clip to attach one end of the beaded strand to a pacifier clip ring.
        • On the other end, use ribbon, trim, or chain to attach another clip for connecting to clothing.
        • For an all-in-one option, string the beaded strand directly onto an elastic bungee pacifier clip.
        • Ensure all pieces are securely fastened since the clips will be chewed.

          Customizing and Combining Materials

          • Intersperse beads with other materials like cloth ribbons or pom poms for more texture and color.
          • Use chunky beads on the ends and smaller beads in the center for visual interest.
          • Attach colorful charms like mini flowers, hearts, stars, or animal shapes.
          • Pick a theme like pastels for a girl, primary colors for a boy, or seasonal designs.
          • Coordinate beads with the pacifier shield design for a put together look.

            The possibilities are endless when making pacifier clips with silicone beads. Let the imagination run wild! Customize the bead size, shape, colors, and arrangement to match any style. Creating unique handmade pacifier clips using supple, vibrant silicone beads makes a wonderful DIY project for crafty parents and a beautiful gift for babies.

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