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All Items DIY Craft - Discover Thousands of DIY Craft Ideas

With the cost of living going up, many people are looking for ways to save money on gifts, decorations and everyday items. A great solution is to start making things yourself using easy DIY crafts. Not only can you customize items exactly how you want, but it can be a fun creative outlet as well. In this article, we'll explore all DIY craft ideas for kids and adults that can help you make homemade craft items for your home, to give as gifts or even sell.

All Items DIY Craft for Kids

Doing arts and crafts with kids is a great way to spark their creativity, keep them entertained and make memories together. Luckily, there are tons of all items DIY crafts you can make using supplies you likely already have around the house.

Easy DIY Crafts

For easy kids' crafts, look no further than paper and scissors. Simple paper cutting and folding crafts like snowflakes, fans, paper dolls and origami are fun projects for kids as young as toddlers. Provide safety scissors for kids who are old enough and guide them through cutting out shapes and designs. Other easy DIY crafts include painting rocks collected from outside and decorating them with markers, glitter and gems. Or make picture frames from popsicle sticks and let kids color and decorate them before adding their artwork.

Crafts Using Recyclables

One of the best ways to make all items DIY crafts with kids is to use common recyclables you'd normally throw out. Save toilet paper and paper towel tubes, cereal boxes, egg cartons, jar lids and more. These can easily be transformed into animals, robots, sculptures and anything kids can imagine. Things like aluminum foil, plastic bottles and bags also make fun craft materials for kids to shape and mold. Getting creative with recycling teaches sustainability and reduces waste.

Cross with Jesus Text Silicone Focal Beads

Our cross-shaped silicone bead bracelet displays the words "With Jesus" in a flowing script font. The focal beads are large oblong shapes that allow the message to stand out clearly. Smaller round beads in coordinating colors separate the text beads. The stretchy bracelet fits most wrist sizes for comfortable wear. Its uplifting message serves as a fashionable faith accessory or thoughtful gift for Christian women and girls. The durable silicone construction ensures long-lasting beauty and inspirational reminders of walking daily with Jesus.

Tips for All Items DIY Crafts

The great thing about homemade crafts is you likely already have many of the supplies you need around the house. Avoid buying a bunch of specialty tools and materials. Here are some tips for working with everyday items:

  • Look for craft materials from nature like pinecones, sticks, leaves, stones, shells, etc. Display them as-is or decorate, paint and embellish.
    Raid your recycling bin for clean containers like jars, bottles, cans, boxes that make great craft supplies for free!
    Reuse paper, cardboard and things like egg cartons, paper towel tubes, food containers and more for kids crafts.
    Check your junk drawers, closets and garage for craft supplies like fabric scraps, yarn, string, old jewelry, buttons, bottle caps and more.
    Shop the dollar store for cheap supplies like mini canvases, frames, vases, buckets, jars, silk flowers, beads, candle holders and more to makeover.

The best part of all items DIY crafts is that they tap into your creativity, allow for self-expression and create homemade items full of personality. Not everything will turn out perfectly, but the lessons learned are part of the reward. Get the whole family involved in making crafts together for double the fun. With these all items DIY craft ideas, you'll be ready to get creative on a budget!

Christmas Printed Beadable

Pens with additional refills

Spread holiday cheer with our festive bead pens! The pens feature a clear barrel that allows you to see the colorful beads inside. Simply slide the beads onto the pen tip to decorate with jolly designs.
Our Christmas themed pens have wintry patterns like snowflakes, trees, presents and more printed on the barrel. The beads match the fun prints, with red, green, white, silver, gold and other merry colors.
Each pen comes loaded with over 500 mini beads so you can create tons of holiday patterns. Additional refills are included so you can keep beading when your initial supply runs out.
The smooth roller ball tip glides easily over paper for neat writing and doodling. The ink dries quickly without smudging.
Decorate cards, envelopes, notebooks and more with these gleeful bead pens! Spread cheer at school, the office, or while crafting at home. Their compact size makes them easy to take anywhere.
Kids and adults alike will love our Christmas printed beadable pens. Use them to make handmade presents extra special. A fun stocking stuffer that sparks creativity!