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Beadable Pencils Prices

Beadable Pencils with Additional Refills, Plastic

  • 10 pieces = $8
  • 50 pieces = $35
  • 100 pieces = $65

Beadable Pencils with Additional Refills, Metal

  • 10 pieces = $12
  • 100 pieces = $100

 A Creative Way to Personalize Your Stationery

Beadable pencils have become an increasingly popular stationery item over recent years. These colorful and customizable writing instruments allow for limitless personalization and self-expression.

What Are Beadable Pencils?

Beadable pencils, also sometimes called bead pens or jewelry pencils, are standard wooden #2 pencils that have grooves cut along the barrel. Small beads in an array of colors, shapes, and materials can be placed in these grooves, allowing the user to create completely unique bead patterns on their pencils. From solid colors to intricate designs, the beading options are endless!

Once the best beads for beadable pens are arranged into the desired pattern, a clear epoxy resin is used to securely set the beads in place and protect the design. This resin coating gives these pencils a smooth, sleek finish and ensures the beads won’t budge, even with regular use of the pencil.

Benefits of Beadable Pencils

There are many reasons these  pencils have become a stationery staple:

Creative Self-Expression: The bead patterns allow for complete creative freedom when personalizing pencils. They can be color-coordinated, themed, embellished with charms, or anything else you can imagine!

Great Fidget Item: Sliding the beads along the pencil grooves can be a satisfying fidget activity. These pencils are great sensory tools for focus, anxiety, and relaxation.

Build Dexterity: Threading small beads onto the pencils assists with strengthening fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This makes them popular for occupational therapy and classrooms.

Affordable Craft: While some jewelers charge premium rates for customized beadwork, creating your own pencils with beads is an affordable craft. Bulk beads can be purchased very cheaply.

Though initially popular amongst students and teens, these pencils are now loved by creatives of all ages for their versatility and gifting potential.

Choosing Beads for Beadable Pens

With thousands of tiny beads to choose from, the options may seem endless and even overwhelming to start. Keep the following bead factors in mind when shopping for your beadable pencil project:

Size: Most beadable pencil grooves are designed for 4-6mm beads. Some may accommodate up to 8mm beads. Mixing a few bigger beads can create interest, but oversized beads won’t fit into the channels.

Shape: Round beads easily slide along the grooves so are great for more intricate multi-color designs. Large gemstone cuts and other shapes like hearts can add flair but work best singularly as accents.

Color/Material: Standard craft beads offer the most variety and affordability. Plastic beads in an array of colors, effects, finishes, and transparencies are widely available. Gemstones, glass, metal, and wood beads add natural texture. Mixing materials creates dimension.

Durability: Consider durability and hardiness when selecting bead materials if you plan to actively use the functional writing end of your beaded pencil. Plastic polymer clay and machine-cut glass beads stand up well to normal wear. More fragile beads like howlite or semi-precious stones work better in display pieces.

Buying in Bulk

Between school art classes, craft fairs, party favors, and summer camp activities, purchasing beadable pencils in bulk quantities saves significantly. Bulk cases are available in amounts ranging from as little as 12 pieces up to over 500 pencils!

Opting for bulk also allows buying wholesale metal beadable pens for the greatest cost savings on large projects. Coordinate an entire set uniformly or get creative by mixing it up with a bead assortment.

Many online retailers offer discounted pricing for bulk beadable pencil orders. Just be mindful of minimum order quantities and shipping charges that vary by seller.

For more casual personal use though, most craft stores sell these pencils individually or in multi-packs for convenience.

Fun and Easy Beadable Pencil Craft Projects

For those new to beading and resin crafting, starting out simple is key. Beginners can still create totally custom pencils with basic skills by following simple patterns and using essential tools.

These easy DIY beadable pencil projects are fun introductions to open up one’s creativity with this hot stationary trend:

Ombre Color Gradient: Start with a base bead color in the middle, then graduate darker and lighter shades moving outwards in an ombre effect. Relying mostly on solid colors makes for effortless personalization.

Monogrammed Initial: Adorn a single oversized flat back acrylic letter bead with crystal and metallic beads in your favorite colors. Keeping embellishments minimal ensures the initial remains the clear focus while still adding flair.

Coordinates Collection: Color-code beadable pens by subject or category. Customize lengths of color sections specific to usage. For example, longer math sections in red beads, shorter English sections in blue and yellow. Great for organizing school supplies!

Nature Themes: Craft serene nature scenes right on your pencils with beads. Showcase favorites like bright floral designs, beach landscapes, or forest creatures. Tiny animal charms also accent nicely.

Gifting Made Personal

Part of the appeal of these pencils is their suitability as heartfelt homemade gifts. A custom beaded pencil set created with someone specific in mind makes for a thoughtful present.

Some gifting ideas that are easily adapted to recipients’ tastes include:

Birthstone Bead Pencil: Accent birth month gemstone bead/s with coordinating glass crystals and seed beads.

 A treasured forever keepsake!

Sports Fan Colors: Represent your team’s colors in a spirited bead layout. Use mascot charms and logo beads for added flair!

Pet Tribute: Memorialize a beloved pet with color combinations and charm beads reminiscent of them. Such a sweet remembrance!

Trend Still Going Strong

Easy to customize and affordable to create, our pencils appeal to crafters of all interests and skill levels. Their versatility continues fueling this decorative writing instrument's popularity nearly two decades from inception.

With limitless personalization possibilities, our pencils offer an always-evolving canvas ripe for creativity. As the beadable pen light  trend shows no signs of slowing, these clever novelties should retain devoted fans for years to come!