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Baseball Tennis Ball Printed Silicone Beads Number 134

Baseball Tennis Ball Printed Silicone Beads Number 134

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Baseball themed craft supplies are always popular, and our baseball tennis ball printed silicone beads number 134 offer crafters a unique way to add America's favorite pastime to their projects. These vividly colored beads are made of flexible, durable silicone and feature the familiar red stitching pattern found on real baseballs. Small holes run through each bead, making them perfect for stringing into necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Jersey inspired jewelry and accessories

Crafters will love the high quality of these baseball silicone beads. Each 2.5 inch bead captures the texture and look of a real baseball with remarkable detail. The beads are available in assorted numeric designs from numbers 1 to 9 so crafters can create sports jersey inspired jewelry and accessories. These vivid beads are perfect for necklaces celebrating your favorite player's jersey number. They also make great additions to keychains and backpack zipper pulls.
Baseball fans can use the beads to craft matching bracelets to wear to the ballgame. String multiple beads in your favorite team's colors to show your spirit on game day. The silicone material is durable enough to withstand daily wear while retaining its flexibility and shine. The beads can be combined with letter beads to spell out team names or signatures.

Crafters love to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and keychains 

 Add ball and bat charms for even more baseball flair.
Young crafters love using our beads to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and keychains to share with friends. The bright colors and fun baseball theme appeal to children of all ages. Help them make necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories to wear to Little League games and baseball practice. The silicone material is kid-friendly and easy to string using elastic cording or jewelry wire.
These Baseball Tennis Ball Printed Silicone Beads Number 134 aren't just for jewelry either. Baseball fans can use them as decorations around the house too. Hang them from rearview mirrors or zipper pulls on a gym bag. Adults can create baseball inspired centerpieces and displays by stringing the beads on fishing line or clear thread. The vivid colors stand out beautifully against backdrops of team colors or all-American red, white and blue.

Silicone baseball beads have many advantages for crafters

Our Silicone baseball beads have many advantages for crafters. They are affordable, priced competitively with other craft beads in bulk quantities. The silicone material is durable, flexible, and retains its color well over time. Unlike plastic beads, they don't chip or fade with extensive use. They have a nice weight in the hand, similar to real baseballs. Beads have a smooth finish and consistent sizing and shape.
Holes are precisely drilled through each bead for easy stringing. The silicone material resists tangles and knots, making jewelry assembly smoother. Necklaces and bracelets drape and move freely without catching or binding up. For the best supply selection, shop online wholesalers carrying beads in assorted team colors, numeric designs, and color combos. Bulk deals can reduce per-piece cost considerably while providing enough beads for multiple projects.

 Silicone beads breathe new life into jewelry making, keychains, displays and many more

Our Baseball Tennis Ball Printed Silicone Beads Number 134 breathe new life into jewelry making, keychains, displays, and any decor project calling for a baseball theme. Their flexibility, durability, and vivid stitching patterns let crafters make colorful designs that withstand daily wear. Baseball fans of all ages will love accessorizing with their favorite sport in jewelry and crafts made with these unique beads. Get your supply in team colors or assorted multi-packs and enjoy crafting unique baseball gear and accessories.
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