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Bat Super Hero Ellipse Shape Silicone Focal Beads

Bat Super Hero Ellipse Shape Silicone Focal Beads

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Introduction to Bat Super Hero Ellipse Shape Silicone Focal Beads

  • Are you a fan of the iconic superhero Batman? Then these unique silicone focal beads are perfect for you! Decorated with the silhouette of Batman's emblem, these ellipse shaped beads add a touch of crime fighting style to your jewelry designs.
  • Made of durable, flexible silicone, these focal beads are lightweight yet strong. The dark gray color matches Batman's signature costume perfectly. The emblem is crisp and detailed for maximum Batman vibes.
  • Whether you're making bracelets, necklaces or other accessories, Bat Super Hero Ellipse Shape Silicone Focal Beads add instant flair. Their oval ellipse shape looks great incorporated into all kinds of designs. Read on to learn more about these fun superhero beads!

Product Details

  • Material: Soft, flexible silicone
  • Color: Dark gray with black Batman emblem
  • Shape: Ellipse
  • Size: Approximately 1 inch wide by 3/4 inch tall
  • Hole Size: Large enough for most thread, cord or string
  • Quantity: Pack of 16 beads
  • Care: Can be washed by hand if needed

Superhero Style for Your Jewelry

  • Show off your love of the Caped Crusader with Bat Super Hero Ellipse Shape Silicone Focal Beads. Add one or a few to bracelets, necklaces or anklets for an instant costume-inspired look.
  • Kids and adults alike will recognize the iconic silhouette. It makes a great conversation starter piece when worn.
  • Mix and match with other colors and styles of beads for layered designs. Or use all Batman beads for a monotone Batman tribute piece.
  • Great for crafting gifts for the Batman lovers in your life too. Make a one-of-a-kind, handmade accessory they'll treasure.

Versatile Beadworks Inspiration

  • Work the beads into bracelet patterns like loom, knotting, woven or stringing styles.
  • For necklaces, try linear stringing, wrapped loop, toggle closure or bead weaving patterns.
  • Ankle or wrist cuffs are another option using woven or stitched techniques.
  • Get creative with attaching charms, pendants or other embellishments alongside the Batman beads.
  • No beading skills? Glue or tie the beads onto plain cord, ribbon, leather or other cords for instant, low-skill jewelry.


  • Whether you're a jewelry artist, crafter or gift-giver, Bat Super Hero Ellipse Shape Silicone Focal Beads add unique superhero flair to any project.
  • Their crisp detail and flexible material mean they're perfect for all kinds of jewelry designs.
  • Best of all, proudly displaying the iconic Batman logo is a thoughtful gift any Bat-fan would love. Don't miss out - add these Batman beads to your cart today!
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