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Blood Splatter Spatter Horror Help Hand Palm Printed Silicone Beads 418

Blood Splatter Spatter Horror Help Hand Palm Printed Silicone Beads 418

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Horror fans looking for unique accessories will love our these Blood Splatter Spatter Horror Help Hand Palm Printed Silicone Beads 418. Made from 100% silicone, these focal beads can add a creepy yet stylish touch to all kinds of projects.
The focal beads are available in a vivid red color with an eerie blood splatter print. The bold white text reads "Help" across the palm print design. Each bead measures approximately 18mm, perfect for statement jewelry or haunting home decor accents. They have a glossy finish and smooth round shape.

Customize jewelry, keychains, bag charms

These horror silicone beads are a fun way to customize jewelry, keychains, bag charms, dollhouse miniatures, and more. The vivid blood red and dramatic font make them ideal for anyone who loves horror films or creepy themes. You can easily incorporate them into DIY crafts and gifts for the horror fan in your life.
Silicone is a very versatile material that offers many benefits for crafting and jewelry making. It is flexible yet strong, maintaining its shape well even when stretched. Silicone beads are more durable than acrylic or plastic options. Additionally, silicone is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

Ensure long-lasting color and durability

The smooth glossy finish gives these Blood Splatter Spatter Horror Help Hand Palm Printed Silicone Beads 418 a realistic polished look. Unlike painted or coated options, the color goes all the way through the material so it will not chip or fade over time. Silicone is also heat resistant up to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
 They use quality pure silicone and specialized printing techniques to create vibrant custom designs. Each bead is carefully cast and cured to ensure long-lasting color and durability.
In addition to the Help Hand Palm blood splatter design, there are several other horror-themed silicone focal beads available. Some fun options include Zombie Head beads in toxic green, Red Axe Murderer beads, and Gory Knife beads with bloody blade imprints. Custom designs can also be requested.

 Eye-catching western aesthetic

For an eye-catching western aesthetic, Cowboy Skull beads are available. Black crossbones and bones are set on bright red for a playful yet edgy look. For Disney fans, sparkly Mickey Mouse Head Silhouette beads come in black, red or blue crystal colors.
The silicone beads are sold wholesale in packs of 100, perfect for handmade business owners or high volume crafters. Smaller quantities can also be purchased. Most designs are ready for immediate shipping. Custom orders can take up to 2 weeks depending on complexity of the artwork requested.
Jewelry makers will appreciate the smooth round shape of the 18mm silicone beads which easily slide onto leather cord or beading wire. Flowing finishes can be achieved by mixing different colors and designs. The beads also work well for keychains, lanyard accents, bookmarks and more.

Add some extra personality

Pens and pencils are easy to customize with a few beads on the end. Simply slide the beads onto the writing implement to add some extra personality. Teachers can creatively decorate their pens to match the season, holiday or occasion.
For those who want to add a little something special to their character dolls, a few tiny silicone beads make for great removable accessories. Smaller 14mm and 10mm beads work well for miniatures. Tie beads into miniature characters' hair or use them as statement earrings or necklaces.

Combine style with creepy themes

Once you are ready to get crafting, a sharp pair of utility scissors easily cuts through the flexible silicone beads. Simply snip the beads off the strand to use individually as desired.
So for anyone looking to add a horror-rific touch to their accessories and projects, our Blood Splatter Spatter Help Hand Palm Printed Silicone Beads 418 are a unique way to combine style with creepy themes. The vivid blood red splatters are sure to help make a statement.
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