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Cow Print Silicone Beads Number 15

Cow Print Silicone Beads Number 15

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Cow print is a timeless and beloved pattern that instantly evokes feelings of the American countryside. Now this iconic look has made its way into the world of crafting and jewelry making with the release of Cow Print Silicone Beads Number 15. Our these fun and versatile beads open up new possibilities for crafters and artisans looking to add a touch of country charm to their designs.

Bulk and wholesale

Cow Print Silicone Beads Number 15 are available in bulk from wholesale craft suppliers, making them affordable and easy to acquire. The beads measure 15mm in size and feature a classic black and white cowhide pattern imprinted on durable and flexible silicone. Silicone is a popular material for beads and cabochons because it is lightweight, smooth to the touch, and able to replicate intricate designs.

Mix and match with other materials

The beads have a round ball shape with a large hole for stringing and attaching other components. Their smooth, glossy finish gives projects a polished look. The cow print stands out vividly against the black background. Designers can mix and match these beads with other black, white, and natural materials to enhance the country style. Some ideas include wood beads, raffia, feathers, leather cording, and flannel fabrics.

Lightweight construction

In addition to having a country flair, the 15mm size of Cow Print Silicone Beads Number 15 makes them extremely versatile for jewelry making. They are substantial enough to anchor bib necklaces, chunky bracelets, and long tassel earrings. Yet they can also be used to add pops of pattern to dainty chains, mixed media collages, fabric garlands, and more. Their lightweight silicone construction means they can be used in children’s craft projects as well.
Crafters looking for Cow Print Silicone Beads Number 15 have several options to acquire them. Major online retailers like Amazon and Walmart offer them in multi-pack sets for maximum value. Independent craft stores and bead shops are also likely to carry these trendy new beads in the jewelry making section.

Discount prices

For discount prices on bulk quantities, shop from wholesale suppliers that specialize in craft beads and jewelry findings. Retailers like  sell affordable bulk bags containing 100-500 cow print beads. Wholesale lots allow crafters, DIYers, and small business owners to purchase enough beads for multiple projects.

Add a touch of country style

Cow Print Silicone Beads Number 15 present an easy way to add a touch of country style to just about any handmade project. Their cute cow pattern, versatile medium size, and flexible silicone construction make them a must-have supply for jewelry makers, designers, and families looking to craft together. Pick up a set today and let these playful beads unleash your creativity and inspire your next woodland-themed or western-style design.
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