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Cute Pink Unicorn Pig Silicone Focal Beads

Cute Pink Unicorn Pig Silicone Focal Beads

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Unicorns and pigs, are two of the cutest animals combined into one irresistibly adorable focal bead. These cute pink unicorn pig silicone focal beads are the latest craze providing stress relief and joy to children and adults alike. 

A Magical Stress Reliever

Made of soft, pliable 100% silicone, these focal beads are perfect for discretely fidgeting to help relieve anxiety, focus, and more.  The silicone material provides a satisfying squishy texture that is smooth and easy to manipulate in your hands.

The focal beads measure approximately 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, making them the ideal size for subtle fidgeting.  Their compact size also makes them easy to transport in a purse, pocket, pencil case, or backpack.

Precious little pink unicorn pig

Each focal bead is designed to look like a precious little pink unicorn pig, with a piggy snout, floppy ears, flowy pink mane, and a rainbow unicorn horn. The bright pink color and whimsical design provide a sense of happiness and optimism whenever you interact with them.

Children love the cute unicorn pigs and will find the silicone beads highly engaging for imaginative play. The focal beads inspire creativity as kids dream up stories featuring the magical unicorn pigs. The silicone material is durable enough for endless hours of play.

Stress-relief and focus

For adults, the focal beads provide stress relief and focus as part of mindfulness practices during busy workdays. Simple hand movements like smoothing your thumb over the mane or squishing the squishy piggy body redirect attention and provide calming sensory input. The cute design brings a sense of inner peace and joy.

The focal beads can be used discreetly and quietly even in public settings. Smooth the mane during meetings to maintain focus. Fidget with a bead in your pocket while riding public transit to ease anxiety.  The subtle movements help regulate emotions and attention without disturbing others.

Cute Pink Unicorn Pig Silicone Focal Beads Wholesale Pricing

The cute pink unicorn pig silicone focal beads are available at wholesale pricing, making them affordable for parents, teachers, therapists and anyone else who wants to share the magic. 

The manufacturer provides free shipping for all wholesale unicorn pig bead orders. There are no minimum order requirements.

Wholesale pricing makes this hot new focal bead trend accessible to classrooms, clinics, events, and more. Teachers can order packs for students. Therapists can provide the beads to clients. Parents can easily get beads for their children and their children's friends. 

Wholesale cost and wildly popular design

The unicorn pig beads can be resold at craft fairs, school events, therapy clinics and more. Their low wholesale cost and wildly popular design lets resellers easily profit while spreading joy.

These magical unicorn piggies are perfect for classrooms and schools. Teachers can use the beads as calming tools or sensory aids. The beads give anxious kids a way to discretely calm themselves during intense moments. Hyperactive students can subtly fidget to help maintain focus on lessons and tasks.

For therapy clinics, the beads provide a tangible tool that helps clients implement calming skills and mindfulness practices. Fidgeting with the beads during sessions helps clients stay regulated and engaged. The beads can also be used for motor skill development.

Parents love having bags of the beads available for kids' parties, play dates, goodie bags and more. The unicorn pig beads engage and delight kids of all interests and abilities. Their innocent design appeals to children of all genders and ages.

Affordability and Magic

The affordability and magic of the wholesale cute pink unicorn pig silicone focal beads make them a must-have item for resellers, schools, therapists and parents seeking fun stress-relief tools.

Cute Pink Unicorn Pig Silicone Focal Beads Pricing

The exceptionally low pricing of the cute pink unicorn pig silicone focal beads makes them accessible to most budgets.

Maximum magical play

The affordably priced beads allow parents, teachers, therapists, clinicians and other buyers to easily purchase multiple beads for group settings. Every child can have their own unicorn pig beads for less than $5.00 each.

For those who just want to try the beads without a huge investment, the 3-pack sets let you add a little unicorn pig magic to your life affordably.

Regardless of order size, every set of cute pink unicorn pig silicone focal beads delivers maximum magical play, sensory stimulation and stress relief. The beads engage and inspire kids while providing calming mindfulness for adults.

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