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Friendship Lasts Forever Dog Silicone Focal Beads

Friendship Lasts Forever Dog Silicone Focal Beads

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Explanation of Friendship Lasts Forever Dog Silicone Focal Beads

  • These Friendship Lasts Forever Dog Silicone Focal Beads adorable beads feature paw prints and dog-centric phrases
  • The saying "Friendship Lasts Forever" is printed across several beads
    -Made of flexible silicone, they are eye-catching for pet-themed crafts

Design and Colors

  • Realistic paw prints mixed with words in various sizes and textures
  • Shades of brown, beige and black resemble different dog fur colors
  • Solid color beads add visual interest between prints and text

Size and Variety

  • Individual beads measure approximately 1/2 inch wide
  • A full set includes 300 assorted beads for unlimited projects
  • Mix of designs ensures the right piece for any pooch parent's craft

Capturing Your Canine Friend

  • Display your puppy's personality in bedspread jars and bowls
  • Personalized gift bags, tags and cards with their name
  • Incorporate into paintings and wall art of their face

Memorials and Mementos

  • Sweet way to memorialize a passed pet with crafts
  • Incorporate into shadow boxes with fur or photos
  • String into a keepsake necklace to wear them close

Bonding Activities

  • Great for kids to make their dog's picture collage
  • Encourages creativity through weaving paw prints
  • Fun family activity with messages of love for pets

Long Lasting Silicone

  • Will retain vibrancy through years of play and displays
  • Non-toxic and safe for most commonly used craft adhesives

Gift Ideas for Customers 

  • Thoughtful gift for the animal lover in your life
  • Include in a rescue donation drive care package
  • Fun for the vet's office to hand out with bandanas

These Friendship Lasts Forever Dog Silicone Focal Beads dog-themed beads provide endlessly cute options to showcase beloved dog "friendships". Their happy paw prints and affectionate sayings encourage creativity in bed spreading, jewelry making and other pet-inspired art.

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