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He Lives Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm

He Lives Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm

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  • He Lives Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm are high quality silicone beads perfect for crafting and jewelry making. Made of body-safe silicone, these beads come in a popular size and shape for countless projects.

Key Features

  • Size: 26mm by 9mm - One of the most commonly used bead sizes, great for bracelets, necklaces and more.
  • Material: Silicone - Hypoallergenic, flexible and durable silicone provides a pleasant texture.
  • Color: Clear - A versatile clear color allows the bead to blend into any design or stand out with colored thread/wire.

Uses for He Lives Silicone Focal Beads 

Bracelets - Great for stacking bracelets or weaving intricate patterns. Thread multiple beads to create a solid cuff.

  • Chokers/Necklaces - Lay out beads in patterns or string singly. Make a show stopping statement piece.
  • Decorations - Thread beads onto floral wire to make unique photo frames, wall hangings or home accents.
  • Sewing - Hand stitch beads seamlessly into fabric designs, scarves, bags or other sewing projects.

He lives silicone focal beads 26mm by 9mm price

  • Affordably priced yet high quality, these beads provide excellent value. A package of beads costs much less than a night out but provides hours of creative fun for multiple projects.

Bulk Discounts and wholesale

  • Want to stock up or start a crafting business? Purchase beads wholesale for bigger discounts. Order beads at low per-unit pricing perfect for resale or large scale creations.

Durability and Longevity

  • He Lives Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm is a very durable material that won't break or deteriorate over time like some plastics. Wear your creations for years to come without worrying about beads fraying or falling off.

Care and Storage

  • Silicone is low maintenance - a quick wipe keeps them clean. Store beads in an airtight container or resealable bag to keep them tangle-free. Handle with care to avoid scratches that could catch threads over time.

Versatile Crafting Material

  • Beyond jewelry, find uses for silicone beads in art projects, gifts, party favors and more. Let your creativity run wild with the endless possibilities!

Final Thoughts

  • He Lives Silicone Focal Beads 26mm by 9mm provide endless crafting opportunities. Their affordable price point, durability and versatile size make them a must-have for jewelry makers, sewers, decorators and more. Stock up today!


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