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Mandala Flower Flowers Printed Silicone Beads, 15mm

Mandala Flower Flowers Printed Silicone Beads, 15mm

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Mandala flower flowers printed silicone beads are a must-have item for any crafter's supply kit. These colorful and intricately patterned beads can be used in a variety of craft projects to add visual interest and texture. 

Measuring 15mm in size, these beads strike the perfect balance between being big enough to make a statement, yet small enough to use in delicate and detailed work. Their vivid colors and symmetrical floral designs evoke a sense of harmony and tranquility.

Flexible and durable silicone

Our beads are made from flexible and durable silicone, making them suitable for use in jewelry, textile crafts, scrapbooking, wreath making, and more. Silicone is an ideal material choice as it is resilient, maintains its shape well, and withstands repeated use. 

Unlike glass, ceramic, or wooden alternatives, silicone beads won't crack, chip, or warp. This gives crafters the confidence to incorporate them into pieces that will endure plenty of wear and tear. The smooth finish and consistent sizing of each bead also allow for hassle-free stringing and arrangement.

Concentric geometric shapes

These floral mandala silicone beads reflect traditional mandala motifs found in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandalas represent the universe and feature concentric geometric shapes radiating out from a central point. Here, the classic structure is reimagined with graceful flowing florals in vivid jewel tones, resulting in an eye-catching modern update.

The intricate patterns and saturated colors of these beads make them perfect for jewelry projects, such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings. The 15mm size gives enough surface area for the details of the design to shine through, while not being overly large or heavy for comfortable wear. 

Elastic cord or beading wire 

Simple elastic cord or beading wire can be used to string the beads into bohemian-style beaded bracelets and chokers. For variety, mix sizes and alternate with solid-colored beads. The mandala beads pair nicely with natural materials like wood, bone, and semi-precious stones. 

In textile arts and fiber crafts, these silicone beads add color and interest when sewn onto clothing, bags, hair accessories, pillows, and more. They can be arranged into symmetrical patterns or scattered in clusters. Use strong beading thread or directly sew through the beads to securely attach them to the fabric.

Nice texture against paper

For paper crafts, the raised surface of the beads adds a nice texture to the paper. Adhere them to handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, and journals using glue dots, Mod Podge, or craft adhesive. Outline the beads with metallic pens or paints to make them pop. 

In wreath making, these colorful beads can substitute for standard greenery and flowers. Wire or hot glue them in place amidst other natural elements on a grapevine, straw, or foam base wreath form. They'll add longevity since they won't dry out like fresh flowers.

Tie clusters of the silicone beads

For home decor, tie clusters of silicone beads together with jute twine to make hanging ornaments and sun catchers. Or display them in glass vases or bowls as you would flower buds. Place bead-decorated candles around the home to tie spaces together with a unified mandala theme.

Mandala flower silicone beads are cost-effective to work with. Just a few packs can supply enough beads for multiple projects, especially when combining them with other materials. Buying in bulk wholesale further maximizes their value and cuts down on cost per use. 

Vibrant dyes are colorfast 

They are low-maintenance as well. There's no need to polish them as you would with gemstones or re-paint them like wood beads. Just wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust and they look as good as new. The vibrant dyes are colorfast so they won't fade over time.

With their unlimited versatility, visual appeal, and reliably consistent quality, it's easy to see why mandala flower silicone beads are a staple supply for crafters of all skill levels. Let your creativity flourish by incorporating these colorful printed beads into your next DIY project.

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