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Polka Dots Black White Printed Silicone Beads Number 167

Polka Dots Black White Printed Silicone Beads Number 167

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An Overview of Polka Dot Beads

Polka Dots Black White Printed Silicone Beads Number 167 feature a simple two-tone polka dot design in classic black and white. They are made of flexible, durable silicone that holds its shape well. Each bead measures approximately 7mm in diameter.

These beads are sold in bulk wholesale packs for crafters and jewelry makers. A pack contains approximately 5000 pieces total. The beads are all uniform in size and pattern. Their smooth finish gives them a refined look.

The soft silicone material makes these beads comfortable to wear for jewelry. The flexibility also allows them to be strung tightly together on elastic cord or thread without cracking. Their durability makes them suitable for children's craft projects as well.

Jewelry Making Uses

Polka Dots Black White Printed Silicone Beads Number 167 are a jewelry maker's dream. Here are some of the ways these versatile beads can be incorporated into jewelry designs:

Stretch Bracelets

The elastic nature of the beads makes them perfect for stretch bracelets. Simply string the beads onto elastic cording to create an easy DIY bracelet. Vary the pattern and add spacer beads for visual interest. These make great gifts or fundraising sale items.

Dangle Earrings

Create cute polka dot dangle earrings by attaching beads to French hooks. Add lengths of chain between beads for more movement. These make unique handmade earrings on a budget.


Design polka dot bead necklaces in various lengths and patterns. Use a slide knot so the necklace is adjustable. Add other beads like pearls or charms for accents.


Wrap beads around a ring base to create a stackable silicone bead ring. Customize each ring with different patterns and color combos.


Knot beads onto the ends of ribbons to make polka dot bead bookmarks. Design them in favorite color combos or give as gifts to book lover friends.

Crafting Uses

Beyond jewelry, polka dot beads have many crafty uses as well. Here are some of the ways they can be incorporated into arts and crafts:


Make polka dot Christmas tree ornaments by attaching a bead cap and loop to each bead. Paint or marker the dots different colors for fun designs.


Create custom polka dot keychains by stringing beads and attaching a key ring. Add larger accent beads or charms for a unique look.


Glue magnet strips onto the flat side of beads to make polka dot fridge or locker magnets. Arrange into patterns or designs.


String beads between two pieces of felt, ribbon or cardstock to create polka dot bead bookmarks. Laminate them for durability.


Design one-of-a-kind polka dot silicone bracelets by stringing beads and tying cord ends together. Mix colors and dot sizes for cool patterns.


Make polka dot Christmas tree ornaments by attaching a bead cap and loop to a bead. Paint the dots with nail polish for a colorful effect.

Polka Dots Black White Printed Silicone Beads Number 167 are great for children's crafts. Kids can make necklaces, bracelets, keychains, ornaments and more. Bead crafts help develop fine motor skills and creativity. With supervision, even toddlers can enjoy stringing these beads.

The beads are a safe material for kids. Unlike glass beads, they don't pose choking or breakage hazards. The silicone is non-toxic as well. Their size is ideal for small hands to manipulate.

Try setting up a DIY polka dot bead craft station for kids' parties or play dates. Provide elastic cord, paper clips and other supplies to get their creativity flowing. They'll have fun mixing dot patterns and colors to design unique beadwork creations.

Affordable Blank Canvases

Polka dot beads number 167 offer an affordable blank canvas for all kinds of DIY projects and crafts. Their simple two-tone design can be customized in endless ways.

Paint the white dots with nail polish, acrylic paint or markers to add splashes of color. Adhere glitter, confetti or sequins to the dots for texture and shine. Stamp patterns or designs over the dots using paint, ink or embossing powder. The options are limited only by your imagination.

So whether you're on a budget or just want a fun new crafting material, polka dot beads number 167 deliver. Their simple versatility suits crafters of all skill levels. Let these affordable blank dots spark your creativity for jewelry, ornaments, accessories and more!

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