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Saints Pointed Abstract Sign Silicone Focal Beads

Saints Pointed Abstract Sign Silicone Focal Beads

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In recent years, our silicone focal beads have become an increasingly popular craft supply for jewelry makers, scrapbookers, and other crafters. Among the many options available, Saints Pointed Abstract Sign Silicone Focal Beads stand out as a unique and versatile focal point for handmade projects.
These focal beads feature the pointed abstract sign logo of the New Orleans Saints NFL football team rendered in vivid colors on a transparent silicone base. Each bead measures approximately 1 inch long by 0.75 inches wide. The smooth, pliable silicone makes these beads comfortable to wear and easy to incorporate into designs.
Crafters find these Saints focal beads versatile for both jewelry and papercrafts. Here are some of the key benefits and uses for these creative supplies:

Visual Interest

The abstract Saints logo provides bold visual interest contrasted against the clear silicone base. The sharp points and angles of the logo design stand out, making these beads ideal as focal points in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. The transparency of the silicone allows other design elements to show through for further visual depth.

Team Spirit Accessory

For New Orleans Saints fans, these beads provide a fun and stylish way to show their fandom. Wearing a necklace or bracelet with a Saints focal bead lets fans represent their team in a unique, handcrafted accessory. The vibrant colors and logo are instantly recognizable even at a small bead size for an eye-catching display of team loyalty.

Easy to Incorporate

The pliable silicone material makes working with these beads simple even for beginner crafters. The beads can be easily cut, bent, glued, stitched, or otherwise incorporated into diverse projects. Their smoothness also makes them comfortable and lightweight to wear in jewelry pieces. The focal beads come ready to use with no additional preparation required.

Endless Design Options

From Saints-themed jewelry to scrapbook layouts, papercraft cards, wreaths, keychains, and more, the design options are endless with these focal beads. Their bold colors and graphic logo look fantastic combined with complementary beads, charms, ribbons, papers, fabrics, and other embellishments. Every crafter can find creative ways to make these beads shine.
Great for Gifts
Jewelry, memory books, or other handmade items featuring these Saints focal beads make fantastic gifts for sports fans. The one-of-a-kind focal point makes a unique, meaningful present to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or holiday. Crafters can customize gifts with team colors and logos for the perfect personalized present.

Where to Find Saints Focal Beads

Saints fans and crafters can find these great focal beads from online retailers that specialize in craft supplies and team branded merchandise. For the best selection and prices, shop from wholesale distributors carrying silicone focal beads.
The Saints Pointed Abstract Sign Silicone Focal Beads are available at  in bulk sizes of 6mm, 10mm, and 19mm so crafters can buy multiple sizes for their projects. Compared to per-piece retail prices, buying wholesale offers significant savings. Retail quantities are also available in smaller packs for individual crafters.
In addition to the Saints versions, many wholesale suppliers also carry silicone focal beads in designs for other NFL teams. Bead sizes, styles, and focal logo designs vary, so shop around to find the perfect beads for your projects and fandom.
While color assortments also vary, the Saints beads can typically be found in team colors of black, old gold, and white. The bold Saints fleur-de-lis logo pops against the translucent silicone base for vibrant, eye-catching accessories and crafts.

Get Creative with Saints Focal Beads

Here are some ideas to inspire crafters looking for ways to use Saints Pointed Abstract Sign Silicone Focal Beads:
  • Jewelry - Necklaces, bracelets, keychains, rings, earrings, brooches, hair clips, lanyards, shoelaces, watchbands, etc.
  • Home Décor - Holiday wreaths and ornaments, wall art, lampshades, coasters, picture frames, vases, etc.
  • Papercrafting - Cards, albums, bookmarks, journals, decoupage, altered art, etc.
  • Accessories - Bag charms, zipper pulls, glasses straps, pet collars, guitar straps, etc.
  • Apparel - Shoe clips, jacket zipper pulls, headbands, hat pins, belt buckles, etc.
  • Gifts - Keychains, ornaments, jewelry, office accessories, man cave décor, etc.
The possibilities are endless! These focal beads are a crafter's dream for adding Saints flair to any handmade project. Let your creativity run wild and see what unique pieces you can design.
Show Your Saints Pride
Representing the New Orleans Saints has never been more fun and stylish than with Saints Pointed Abstract Sign Silicone Focal Beads. These creative focal components allow fans to show their colors in handmade, one-of-a-kind designs.
With their bold logo, transparent shine, and versatile uses, Saints silicone focal beads are the perfect accessory for game day looks and everyday fandom. Get your supply today and let the creative fun begin! Whichever projects you make, these focal beads showcase your passion for the New Orleans Saints in eye-catching style.


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