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Smiling Cute Mouse with Bowtie Silicone Focal Beads

Smiling Cute Mouse with Bowtie Silicone Focal Beads

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  • Adorable focal beads in the shape of mice
  • Feature smiling mice wearing little bowties
  • Made from flexible, durable silicone
  • Perfect for filling vases, jars, bowls, and more
  • Add a cute touch to any home decor display

Details and Features

  • Mouse measures approx. 2 inches long
  • Sculpted body with bowtie detail around neck
  • Available in black, brown, gray, white colors
  • Durable silicone construction holds shape
  • Withstands weather for indoor/outdoor use
  • Safe, non-toxic materials kid and pet friendly

Ideal for Decorating

  • Smiling Cute Mouse with Bowtie Silicone Focal Beads mix and match colors in clear containers
  • Water  into wreaths, plants, centerpieces
  • Scatter down creative tablescapes
  • Fill hurricane vases or apothecary jars
  • Float solitary or in groups in bowl water
  • Place in playrooms, nurseries and classrooms

Creative Uses

  • Embellish floral gifts, arrangements, plants
  • Craft unique terrariums and mini gardens
  • Use in sensory bins for kids
  • Decorate for baby showers or birthdays
  • Give as favors at children's parties
  • Display in kids' rooms and play areas

High-Quality Construction

  • Made from flexible yet durable silicone
  • Holds mouse shape without sagging
  • Colors are molded in, not painted on
  • Withstands weather and sun exposure
  • Easy to manipulate and move around
  • Cleans up easily in dishwasher or by hand
  • Provides years of enjoyment indoors/outdoors

Great Value

  • Set includes 20 focal beads
  • Very affordable decor accent option
  • Reusable for endless creative displays
  • Thoughtful, budget-friendly gift idea
  • Provides great cost per use over time

Usage Tips

  • Smiling Cute Mouse with Bowtie Silicone Focal Beads mix all colors or use one shade
  • Layer with pebbles, rocks or marbles
  • Combine with plants, flowers, decor
  • Fill vessels fully or use sparingly
  • Scatter down tables or cluster in groups
  • Store safely between uses to enjoy for years

With their cute bowed mouse shape and flexible silicone design, Smiling Cute Mouse with Bowtie Silicone Focal Beads add a playful touch to any decor. Water them into planters, wreaths, vases, and more to bring a smile. Their durability makes them perfect accents for creative displays indoors or outside.

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