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Stitc Pumpkin Halloween Surprise Silicone Focal Beads

Stitc Pumpkin Halloween Surprise Silicone Focal Beads

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Introduction & Key Features

Designs & Material

  • Pumpkin patches featuring jack-o-lanterns with surprise faces hidden inside.
  • Whimsical designs capture the Halloween spirit of spooky surprises and fun.
  • Best-quality BPA-free Stitc Pumpkin Halloween Surprise Silicone Focal Beads are non-toxic and long-lasting.
  • Smooth texture securely grips surfaces without residues.


  • Peel and stick by hand onto clean, dry surfaces for customized looks.
  • No tools needed for quick, mess-free application.

Seasonal Decorating

  • Embellish treat bowls, vases or centerpieces for Halloween parties.
  • Personalized treat bags, drinkware, photo booth props for fall gatherings.
  • Coordinate beads, gourds and foliage for rustic pumpkin displays.
  • Bring spooky surprises outdoors on doors, windows or garden stakes.

Fall Craft Ideas

  • Glue onto cards, gift tags or DIY led pumpkins for unique gifts.
  • Stitch onto clothes, pillows or tote bags for a stylish seasonal accessory.
  • Hand press onto bookmarks, stationery for cute surprise elements.
  • Assemble bead pumpkins for garlands, swags or wreaths as décor.

Final Thoughts

With their clever “peek-a-boo” pumpkin surprises, Stitc Pumpkin Halloween Surprise Silicone Focal Beads enliven any Halloween theme. As versatile indoor-outdoor décor or craft supplies, their reusable qualities offer excellent seasonal value year after year. Subtle or spirited, their frightful fun transforms any autumn event into memorable spooky celebrations.

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