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Stitc with Flower Dolls Silicone Focal Beads

Stitc with Flower Dolls Silicone Focal Beads

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Stitc is revolutionizing jewelry making with their innovative Flower Dolls Silicone Focal Beads. These unique beads allow you to easily create stunning, professional looking jewelry right at home.
The Stitc with Flower Dolls Silicone Focal Beads in a wide range of flower designs including roses, daisies, lilies, and more. Each bead is handmade from soft, flexible silicone that is comfortable to wear. At 30mm wide, these substantial sized beads make a bold statement in any jewelry design.

Endless possibilities

Silicone itself offers many advantages for jewelry making. It is hypoallergenic and soft to the touch, making it ideal for sensitive skin. The flexibility of the material means your jewelry will move with you, preventing breakage. Silicone is also heat resistant up to 440°F, so you can safely use hot glue and other adhesives without melting your beads.
These substantial focal beads are very easy to work with, even for beginners. The silicone material grips well to other elements like wire, cord, and chain. You can easily string a single focal bead to create an instant pair of earrings or necklace pendant. For more elaborate designs, combine the focal beads with crimps, spacers, ribbons, charms, and found objects. The possibilities are endless!
The versatile silicone also takes paints, inks, and patinas beautifully. You can customize your beads with color for a completely one-of-a-kind jewelry creation. Add delicate details with acrylic paint or get more creative with alcohol inks for a unique marbled effect. The soft silicone will readily absorb pigment for brilliant colors.

Completely customizable jewelry to match any outfit or mood

Stitc Flower Dolls beads allow you to make completely customizable jewelry to match any outfit or mood. Will you create sophisticated pieces using neutral shades inspired by nature? Or fun, poppy jewelry using vibrant neon hues? From bohemian to chic, the possibilities are infinite!
In addition to a wide range of standard flower designs, 
The beautifully detailed designs really look handmade. It's hard to believe they are made from flexible, durable silicone. These beads have a lovely satiny finish and just beg to be touched.

Bulk and wholesale rates are also available for crafters

Stitc with Flower Dolls Silicone Focal Beads range from $5.99 up to $9.99 depending on the complexity of the design. The beadablebliss offers reasonable worldwide shipping rates to get your beads in your hands quickly. Bulk and wholesale rates are also available for crafters and artisans.
Beadablebliss  provides excellent customer service. Their team is passionate about helping you create successful jewelry designs with these unique beads. Check out the tutorials on their website and YouTube channel for inspiration and how-to’s.
With the Stitc line of Flower Dolls Silicone Focal Beads, you can make eye-catching jewelry that looks store bought in minutes. These beads are perfect for handmade jewelry beginners looking to take their crafts to the next level. The gorgeous, detailed designs also provide endless inspiration for experienced jewelers.
Discover the magic of Stitc today and explore the possibilities! Create simple but striking jewelry pieces to wear every day. Make thoughtful, customized gifts for loved ones. Or start your own jewelry line! These high quality, affordable silicone beads make it easy. Ditch the flimsy jewelry making kits and create something that will really make you proud.

Stitc Flower Dolls provide everything you need to make jaw-dropping jewelry:

  • Vibrant, detailed focal beads crafted from flexible silicone that is comfortable to wear
  • Handmade look in a manufactured bead allows for quick, creative jewelry making
  • Soft, lightweight beads are easy to attach to other findings and elements
  • Heat resistant to 440°F so you can safely use hot glue and other adhesives
  • Takes paints, inks, and patinas beautifully for custom designs
  • Themed collections available for endless inspiration
  • Durable beads hold up well to repeated wear
  • Provides opportunities to make customizable, meaningful gifts
  • Affordable prices, especially for the quality
  • Excellent customer service team to help you create
Take your jewelry making to the next level with Stitc with Flower Dolls Silicone Focal Beads today! Their high quality beads allow you to make one-of-a-kind, creative jewelry designs at affordable prices.
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