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Teaching is a Work of Heart Silicone Focal Beads

Teaching is a Work of Heart Silicone Focal Beads

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Teaching is often described as a labor of love, and these silicone focal beads truly capture that spirit. Shaped like an apple, book, school bus and more, these beads are ideal for teachers looking to add some inspiration to their keychains, necklaces, bracelets and more. Made of flexible, durable silicone, these beads stand up to the rigors of the school day while showing off teachers' passion for their profession.

Whimsical Shapes Celebrate the Teaching Profession

The Teaching is a Work of Heart silicone focal bead collection features a range of playful, uplifting shapes that celebrate teachers and all they do. The focal beads are sculpted into apples, pencils, books, school buses, graduation caps and more. The apple bead is a classic symbol of education, while the bus evokes memories of exciting field trips. Each bead measures approximately 28mm wide x 40mm tall, making a bold focal point for jewelry and accessories.

Teachers will love sporting these fun silicone beads on bracelets, lanyards, zipper pulls and necklaces. The beads have large holes for easy stringing onto cords, wire and more. Mix and match shapes for a custom look. For instance, pair the apple, pencil and book beads together on a cord bracelet for an "ABC to learning" theme. The options are endless!

Soft, Flexible Silicone is Perfect for Active Teachers

The Teaching is a Work of Heart Silicone Focal Beads are made from top-quality silicone that is soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. Silicone also is more durable than materials like plastic or acrylic. That means these focal beads stand up to busy teachers' active lifestyles. Bend them, squeeze them - these beads bounce back to their original shape time after time.

Silicone beads are perfect for wearing to school every day. They won't break when accidentally bumped on a desk or snapped when students give an enthusiastic hug. Spills wipe off easily from the non-porous silicone material. Teachers can enjoy wearing these meaningful beads without worry.

Vibrant Colors Make a Bold Statement

These teacher-themed silicone beads come in a rainbow of vivid colors like red, orange, purple, teal, pink and more. The bright hues coordinate well with the playful bead shapes for a fun, modern look. Mix and match colors on a single bracelet or necklace for lots of customization options.

The colors also deliver an empowering message. Just as teachers encourage their students to shine bright, these beads showcase educators' inner light. The vibrant hues reflect teachers' passion, creativity and commitment to making a difference.

Share Your Story with Meaningful Beads

The Teaching is a Work of Heart silicone beads give teachers a way to share their personal stories and inspirations. Each bead shape in the collection symbolizes an aspect of an educator's job and motivation.

The apple represents a love of learning, while the schoolhouse reflects the joy of nurturing students' growth. The owl bead signifies wisdom, the book evokes a quest for knowledge, and the apple is a tribute to favorite teachers who sparked a love of school.

Use the beads singly or in combinations to create jewelry that expresses what teaching means to you. The beads make great gifts for fellow educators too. Share the beads to inspire and celebrate each other as you take on each school day.

Perfect for Handmade Jewelry Creations

Teachers, crafters and jewelry makers will love designing their own wearable art with these unique silicone beads. The beads are lightweight and comfortable for turning into necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets, keychains and more. String them onto cord, wire, chain, ribbon or other materials.

Use glue or wire to attach findings like jump rings and clasps. The large holes accommodate a variety of stringing options. Mix the teacher-themed beads with other complementary beads and charms. Layer multiples of the same bead shape and color for an eye-catching look. With this versatile bead collection, teachers can create handmade jewelry that's as unique as they are.

Share Your Passion and Bring Inspiration

Teaching is often difficult work, but it is without a doubt a labor of love. The Teaching is a Work of Heart silicone focal bead collection allows teachers to proudly wear that passion and inspiration every day. The playful shapes and colors spread joy and uplift students.

And in those moments of frustration and self-doubt all teachers face at times, these meaningful beads serve as reminder of the teachers' ability to make a difference. By sharing their passion, creativity and wisdom, teachers truly change lives. These inspirational beads symbolize that power and the heart behind the teaching profession.

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