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The Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes Silicone Focal Beads

The Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes Silicone Focal Beads

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The Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes Silicone Focal Beads

Who doesn't love a fun silicone bead bracelet? Especially one with a cheeky saying like "The Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes." This focal bead bracelet makes a perfect gift for the fashionista or shoe lover in your life.

The bracelet is made from flexible and stretchy silicone beads in your choice of colors. The beads provide texture and visual interest, while still being comfortable to wear. The saying "The Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes" is embossed on a large focal bead in the center. This pop of pattern makes the bracelet stand out from plain bead styles.

Quality features

The Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes Silicone Focal Beads is a great material for jewelry because it is soft, lightweight, and smooth to the touch. It is also hypoallergenic and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about skin irritation or damage when wet. Silicone retains its shape and stretch well over time, so the bracelet will keep looking great for many wears to come.

At approximately 8 inches in length, this bracelet has some stretch but the beads keep it from getting overly stretched out. It can fit most adult wrists comfortably. The beads measure about 10mm, providing a good balance between daintiness and presence. The embossed focal bead adds about 12mm for pronounced impact.

 Priorities and loving fashion accessories

This bracelet makes a fun statement about priorities and loving fashion accessories. The saying adds some personality and attitude to an otherwise basic bead bracelet. It would make a great gift for:

  • The fashionable friend who is always dressed to the nines with killer shoes and handbags. Let her show off her love of accessories.
  • The trendy teenager who spends all her allowance on the latest trends. She'll appreciate the bracelet's cute look and message.
  • The shoe obsessed mom who has an ever-growing collection of heels and sneakers. Remind her where her interests lie.
  • The handbag lover who sees them as wearable art. She knows quality bags are worth the investment.
  • Anyone with a bit of sass and quirky sense of humor. The lighthearted message will make them smile.

The Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes bracelet can be worn daily as part of an everyday look. It adds personality to basics like jeans and a tee. But it also pairs nicely with dressy occasions where shoes and bags get more attention. Wherever worn, it's sure to be a conversation starter.

Message suits many interests and personalities

This silicone bead bracelet also makes a fun stocking stuffer or affordable gift exchanged with coworkers and friends. It's budget friendly so you can buy matching bracelets for you and your BFF. The message suits many interests and personalities, making it easy to find the perfect recipient.

You can choose between two color options: black lettering on clear beads or white lettering on black beads. The clear and black combo has a sleeker look that works with both dressy and casual wear. The white and black version offers higher contrast for maximum impact.

Either way, the only BS you need is bag and shoes when accessorizing an outfit! This bracelet makes a cute addition that speaks to every fashionista.

The quality silicone construction ensures long lasting wear and enjoyment. Silicone is a gentle, non-irritating material that provides a soft, smooth feel. It retains its elasticity and shape wear after wear so the bracelet remains looking new.

Add personality and fashion to any look

Care and cleaning are breeze thanks to the waterproof and chemical resistant silicone. Simply wash with mild soap and water as needed. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and damaging elements to extend the life. With proper care, the bracelet will keep its stylish look and flexibility.

Be sure to check out the Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes Silicone Focal Beads and focal bead options for yourself or great gift ideas. There are styles perfect for mom life, yoga lovers, boho chic and many more. These comfortable, carefree bracelets add personality and fashion to any look.

Don't underestimate the power of silicone focal bead bracelets. With the right style and saying, they add flair and function to your accessory game. For fashionistas and handbag addicts, the "The Only BS I Need Is Bag & Shoes" silicone bracelet is a must have. Get your own or give to the most fashionable people in your life.

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