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Tiffany Stained Glass Printed Silicone Beads Number 365

Tiffany Stained Glass Printed Silicone Beads Number 365

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Add Color and Whimsy with Tiffany Stained Glass Printed Silicone Beads

Stained glass is known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs. Now you can bring that artistic flair to your jewelry and craft projects with Tiffany Stained Glass Printed Silicone Beads Number 365 from Beadable Bliss Gallery. These colorful beads feature a stained glass print design, providing all the beauty of real stained glass in durable and flexible silicone.

Vibrant Colors and Intricate Designs

Tiffany Stained Glass Printed Silicone Beads showcase a rich color palette and complex patterns, just like real stained glass. Available in teal, purple, blue, and multi-color options, the beads have an elegant Tiffany-style design with geometric shapes and swirls. The level of detail is exceptional for silicone beads, with gradients, outlines, and shadows captured in the print. Your finished pieces will have incredible visual depth and sophistication.

Durable Silicone Material

While the beads mimic the look of glass, they are made from flexible, high-quality silicone. This makes them lightweight and comfortable for wearing in jewelry. Silicone is also very strong and resilient. Beads won't chip or crack like real glass can. Their flexibility also makes them perfect for stretch bracelets, lanyard keychains, and more. They're even safe for children's craft projects!

Vast Design Options

With so many potential uses, Tiffany Stained Glass Printed Silicone Beads open up limitless possibilities for jewelry makers, crafters and artists! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Elegant pendant necklaces
  • Colorful stacked bracelets
  • Whimsical zipper pull charms
  • Embellished hair clips and barrettes
  • Eye-catching wine glass markers
  • Decorative bookmarks
  • DIY pen grips and toppers

The intricacy of the stained glass designs gives projects depth and sophistication. The silicone material lets you incorporate the beads into designs not suitable for glass, expanding your creative options.

High Quality and Attention to Detail

Tiffany Stained Glass Silicone Beads are carefully designed and manufactured to preserve the stunning colors and details of real stained glass. The designs are printed in high resolution, so the gradients and fine elements don't get blurred or pixelated. The beads have a smooth, glossy finish to enhance the stained glass effect.

Beadable Bliss Gallery sources their silicone beads from top manufacturers. Only color-fast pigments are used so the beads don't fade over time. Thanks to strict quality control, the bead holes are uniform and beads have a consistent size and shape for smooth stringing and stacking.

Versatile Size for Any Project

The Tiffany stained glass beads measure 12x15 mm, a nicely substantial size. The beads are large enough to make a bold statement in your designs, whether strung into jewelry or sewn onto fabric. But they're still small and lightweight enough for delicate work. You can easily mix them with seed beads, crystals and other complementary elements. The size also makes them perfect for storing on peg boards and bead organizers.

Available Exclusively from Beadable Bliss Gallery

You won't find Tiffany Stained Glass Silicone Beads anywhere else! They are an original exclusive designed by Beadable Bliss Gallery. The wholesale distributor offers a wide selection of unique silicone beads, including faux agate, marble, jade and other luxe designs. Whether you need vibrant colors, bold patterns or intricate details, their beads make it easy to create stunning jewelry and decor.

Create One-of-a-Kind Jewelry with These Dazzling Beads

Looking for eye-catching focal beads to build jewelry around? Tiffany Stained Glass Silicone Beads are ideal for creating vibrant, colorful pieces that reflect your unique style. Their stunning colors and intricate patterns give you endless options for showstopping designs!

Vibrant Focal Point for Necklaces

A single Tiffany stained glass bead makes a fabulous pendant for necklaces. For a simple but striking look, string the bead onto a silk cord or thin chain. For more layers and texture, wire wrap the bead and combine it with chunky chains, crystals and found objects like sea glass or feathers. The bold focal bead does all the work to carry the design.

Stacked Bracelets full of Color

Stacking several stained glass beads together forms a playful, casual bracelet. Slip the beads onto elastic cord or string to allow stretch for pulling on and off. Or use bead tips to secure them to a memory wire bracelet base. Mix and match colors and designs for lots of personalized panache. For extra personality, add dangling charms!

Colorful Keychains

Make functional keychains, zipper pulls or bag charms featuring Tiffany beads. Connect beads and dangles with split key rings and lobster clasps. Add your initials, favorite charms and crystals into the mix. The vibrant beads ensure your keys or bags stand out in a crowd. Make a bunch to give as gifts or party favors too!

Outline the Beads with Seed Beads

Using tiny seed beads as outlines is a great way to make the Tiffany beads pop. Complementary colors like turquoise 4mm rounds or transparent rainbow seeds create a fun contrast. Try outlining just parts of the focal beads, like certain edges or the inner circles. Mixing up patterns and textures gives your designs artistic flair.

Wire Wrapping Creates Dimension

Wire wraps add beautiful dimension as decorative frames for the focal beads. Simple wire cocoons let the bead design shine. Or get creative wrapping with alternating wires, layered shapes and integrated head pins. Copper and brass wires contrast nicely with the vibrant colors. Leave wires unfinished for an organic look or oxidize them for more depth.

Crafters Love Transforming These Beads into Art

Beyond jewelry, Tiffany stained glass silicone beads inspire crafters and DIYers to transform them into home decor accents, accessories and practical items. Their flexibility, durability and washability make them perfect for anything you can imagine!

Embellish Fabric Accessories

Sew silicone beads onto fabric items like headbands, scrunchies, masks, shirt collars, shoes and more. They add colorful pop without weighing things down. Use a straight stitch or E6000 adhesive to attach them. For shoes, adhere beads with clear drying shoe glue for best results. The designs complement any style from chic to boho.

Dress Up Wine Glasses

Adorn stemless wine glasses with Tiffany beads for easy identification at parties. Simply tie beads onto the foot or stem using pretty ribbon or baker's twine. Choose beads in the person's favorite hue or multiple colors for a rainbow effect. They also make lovely gifts paired with a bottle of wine or champagne.

Create Artsy Bookmarks

Stained glass beads work wonderfully as bookmarks by themselves or paired with tassels or charms. Adhere beads to the tops of acrylic book page holders using strong craft glue or E6000. Or string beads with metallic cord and tassel caps. Their striking designs bookmark your page in eye-catching style.

Decorate Pen Grips

Personalize writing pens by turning Tiffany beads into chic pen grips for sticky grips. Simply stick beads onto the grippy backings and wrap them around pens or pencils. The silicone material provides a comfortable, non-slip surface for writing. Decorate the entire grip or just the top for a pop of color while writing.

Display in Clear Christmas Ornaments

Show off Tiffany beads inside transparent fillable Christmas ornaments for some holiday wow factor. Simply open ornaments and drop beads in with confetti or other embellishments like glitter. The stained glass designs resemble an elegant snow globe. Hang on trees or give as festive gifts. They're sure to become treasured annual keepsakes.

silicone focal beads wholesale: Versatile for Jewelry Design and Crafting

As a leading wholesale distributor, Beadable Bliss Gallery makes it easy to get Tiffany Stained Glass Silicone Focal Beads for your projects. Their exclusive designs and high quality make these beads a jewelers’ must-have. The durability and affordability also attract crafters looking for unique embellishments.

Low Wholesale Prices

Beadable Bliss Gallery specializes in offering diverse focal beads at wholesale prices to support designers. Their pricing allows you to profit from your creations without spending a fortune on materials. Whether you need a few accent beads or bulk quantities, their wholesale beads make projects affordable.

Jewelry Designer Favorite

Jewelry makers love transforming these dazzling beads into one-of-a-kind designs. The intricate Tiffany-style patterns work beautifully as pendants or charm focal points. Bracelets and keychains also benefit from the pop of color and visual interest. Add your own metals, crystals and wraps to complement the beads.

Variety for Any Project

With hundreds of focal bead shapes, colors and styles, Beadable Bliss Gallery has something for every project. Beyond Tiffany designs, they offer animal prints, solid bold colors, glow in the dark beads and more. Peruse their focal beads section to discover new inspiration. Mix beads together for lots of customization.

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