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Bundles for DIY Crafts - Everything You Need to Get Creative

If you enjoy arts and crafts, having the right supplies on hand is key to unleashing your creativity. Our craft bundles are a great way to get started on new projects or restock your toolkit without breaking the bank. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to know which DIY craft bundles are really worth your money. This guide will walk you through some of the best bundles for DIY crafts to help you pick the perfect set for your needs.

Best Bundles for DIY Crafts

When looking for the best bundles for DIY crafts, you'll want to consider the types of materials included, number of projects you can make, and overall value for cost. Some of the top-rated craft bundles include:
Crafts4All Ultimate Craft Bundle - This all-in-one kit includes supplies for jewelry making, painting, knitting, embroidery, paper crafts and more. With over 2000 pieces, you can create tons of DIY projects. The bundle is affordably priced for everything included.
Darice Craft Variety Bucket - Perfect for crafters of all ages, this bucket has 140 craft pieces for making jewelry, sewing, painting and various kid-friendly projects. The bundle is great for classrooms, parties or family craft time.
We R Memory Keepers Paper Crafting Bundle - Get all the essentials for paper crafts like scrapbooking and cardmaking. The set includes patterned papers, die cut shapes, stamps, sticker embellishments and more.
Craft Smart Value Yarn Pack - For knitters and crocheters, this yarn bundle offers a wide color assortment of soft acrylic yarns. The pack has enough yarn to make several hats, scarves or other accessories.
Craft Essentials Glitter Value Pack - Add some sparkle to crafts with this big variety of colored glitter glues, loose glitter and more. Glitter makes any project shine.
Artify Party DIY Craft Kit - Hosting a craft party? This kit has all you need for up to 8 guests to make trendy DIY string art, macrame, jewelry, candles and more. A fun set for a girls' night in.
No matter what types of DIY projects you enjoy most, you're sure to find a well-rounded bundle to meet your crafting needs. Bundle sets allow you to get great bulk value on must-have craft materials and supplies.

Craft Bundle in Minecraft

For the digitally-creative types, even Minecraft players can enjoy craft bundles within the popular sandbox game. The Craft Bundle comes as official downloadable content for the Minecraft Marketplace.
The Craft Bundle includes unique skins with craft-inspired designs and outfits. Show off your creative spirit online by choosing one of the decorator, painter or craftsman character skins.
Part of the bundle's offerings is a Crafting Table World. In this preset map, you'll find various crafting stations and supplies all set up and ready to inspire building projects. Use the materials provided to construct whatever you can imagine.
To fully outfit your craft room, there's the Crafting Supplies pack. It contains 3D models of various tools, furniture and decor ideal for designing a workspace for different crafts like pottery, woodworking, and more.

Unlock new creative potential

For only 1340 Minecoins, Minecraft players can get this complete craft bundle to unlock new creative potential within the game. Use it to gather ideas and aesthetics for craft builds and interiors.

Design Bundles

Crafting isn't just limited to physical projects - digital creators can also benefit from bundles. If you like graphic or web design, makeup artistry or creating videos, design bundles are a great asset.
Some popular options include:
Creative Market Design Bundle - Get 100+ fonts, templates, graphics packs, add-ons and more for sites like Photoshop and Procreate. The varied assets are great for designers.
Makeup Brush Set with Tutorials - Perfect your makeup skills with a kit containing brushes, beauty blenders and an eBook with video tutorials for application techniques.
VideoHive Motion Graphics Bundle - Add stylish motion graphics and after effects to your video projects. This bundle offers diverse lively design elements.
The creative resources in design bundles can save you time and energy on producing new content or establishing your brand identity. Investing in the right bundle for your niche can level up your design game.

Cheap Arts and Crafts

Getting into arts and crafts doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you're on a budget, check out these ideas for cheap craft supplies and activities:
Shop discount or dollar stores - Stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Five Below offer super affordable craft basics like construction paper, glitter, fabric, yarn and more. Just search the craft aisles for deals.
Use household items - Things like cardboard from packaging, empty jars or containers, and even old socks/clothing can be repurposed for crafts at no cost. Get creative!
Buy in bulk - For frequently used supplies like hot glue sticks, googly eyes, Pom poms, pipe cleaners etc., buy these in multi-packs online or at warehouse stores. The bulk savings add up.
Opt for cheaper materials - Yarn is pricier than string. Acrylic paints are cheaper than oil. Adjusting your material choices can cut craft costs.
Reuse and recycle - Before tossing old materials, consider how they could be reused. Repurpose everything from fabric scraps to empty glassware.
DIY your tools - You can make things like a cardboard loom, clamp clipboard, or custom sewing kit for a fraction of normal costs.
With smart strategies, you can enjoy making affordable arts and crafts. Get together with crafty friends to swap supplies, and share ideas for cheap projects.

Individual Craft Kits

Perhaps you want to try a new hobby or craft technique without committing to buying all the materials in bulk. Individual craft kits are a great solution! These kits contain all the supplies needed to complete one specific project from start to finish.
Here are some top-rated individual craft kits to explore:
String Art Kit - Make geometric wooden wall art by weaving colorful strings across nails on a wood board. Trendy decor!
Beginner Embroidery Kit - Learn embroidery stitches to make a cute starter project like a framed flower.
Jewelry Making Kit - Design and create your own bracelet, pair of earrings or necklace with included beads, string, wires, clasps and tools.
-Candle and Soap Making Kit - Craft personalized soy candles and soaps with fragrances and colors. Makes a fun DIY gift.
Paint by Numbers Kit - Relax and paint stunning artwork following the numbered guides. You end up with professional-looking finished paintings.
Crochet Kit for Beginners - Start a new hobby and make your first scarf, potholder or stuffed animal with this starter crochet set.
Individual kits give that bit of guidance and inspiration you need to try something new without going over-budget. They're great for first-timers or if you're not ready to invest in an entire bundle.

Get Creative with DIY Craft Bundles

Our bundles provide great value on all the essential tools and materials your projects require.
With the right DIY craft bundle, you can expand your creative skills, try new techniques, and make awesome handmade items to gift or display. So grab some supplies, clear your workspace, and let your imagination run wild!