Collection: Sparkling Items

Sparkling Items Add Glamour and Glitz to Everyday Life

Who doesn't love a little extra glamor and glitz? Sparkling items list catch the light to add some shine and shimmer to our lives. They elevate ordinary objects into something special that brightens our day. With so many sparkling things found in nature and created for beauty and gift-giving, it's easy to surround ourselves with a bit of dazzle.

Things That Sparkle in Nature

Nature gifts us with many stunning, sparkling items. Glittering snowflakes fall during winter months, each one unique with its intricate crystalline pattern. As temperatures rise, icicles form, dripping and glowing in the sunlight. Bodies of water come alive under sunny skies. Lakes glisten and shimmer, with each ripple and wave sending sparks of light dancing.

The minerals and gemstones buried under the earth’s crust also contain shimmering inner fire and radiance. Diamonds have long been prized for their flash and brilliance as facets capture and reflect back light. But many other minerals also have icy or rainbow-hued sparkling properties, like quartz, topaz, and fluorite. Out of the dirt, these gems emerge to adorn jewelry or simply strike wonder in their natural state.

Even the smallest creatures can have a surprisingly sparkly appearance. Some birds grow iridescent feathers full of color-shifting brightness. Butterfly wings also contain tiny transparent scales that interfere with light waves to produce rainbows of flashing colors. Fish scales, insect shells, snake skin, and more unexpected places in nature bear shine, shimmer, glint, and glare to catch our eye.

Sparkly Gifts to Delight Loved Ones

While nature needs no help to produce beauty, people have long crafted sparkling items that mimic and play off the things that sparkle in nature. Sparkly gifts never fail to delight. The glistening wrappers and bows alone bring excitement before the recipient unveils what glittering item lies inside.

Jewelry instantly comes to mind when we think of sparkly things. Diamonds, crystals, and gemstones burst into fire against silver, gold, and platinum chains and settings. Far more affordable but equally radiant, rhinestone, glitter glass, and pearl jewelry shine just as beautifully. Dazzling jewelry makes wonderful gifts for celebrations, anniversaries, and holidays.

Clothing items also frequently incorporate sequins, metallic thread, beads, rhinestones, and other embellishments that catch and reflect light. Shimmery makeup with highlighters, shimmering eye shadow and nail polish also glow on the skin. Children love toys with glitter, sparkles, and bright reflective surfaces. Snow globes full of glimmering flakes enthrall with their winter wonderlands. Candles that glisten, holiday ornaments awash in color, and home décor items with shine enhance rooms with glamor.

But sparkling gifts need not break the budget. Thrift and dollar stores overflow with inexpensive home goods sporting glitter, shine, shimmer, and dazzle. Shop sales for special clothing items to stand out. Craft stores carry gems, paillettes, glitter and more for do-it-yourself sparkly projects. Or simply wrap gifts in lustrous foil paper and adorn with ribbon tinsel.

With a little cleverness, we can give everyday and luxury items alike a touch of sparkle. Add gleam and brightness through jewelry, clothing embellishments, makeup, glittering paints and glazes, or radiant decorative touches. Anything from dishware to picture frames, vases to candle holders, takes on a magical quality illuminated by lustrous shine. Unexpected pockets of glint, glimmer, and glitter transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Shiny Things Surround Us with Brilliance

Beyond crafted adornments, shiny things already fill our lives with moments of brilliance. Silvery soapsuds swirl as we wash dishes, sending sudsy sparkles down the drain. Glassy smoothness coats a molten marshmallow ooze from between graham crackers and chocolate. Sunlight streams between the slats of window blinds to stripe walls in slashes of dazzle. Raindrops glisten like crystals on spider webs and grass blades after a storm.

Nature again proves the timeless allure of shiny things with an incredible array of brilliance. Water, ice, and snow constantly reflect and fracture light into temporarily blinding beauty. From plants to animals, minerals to metals, shimmer and shine surround us. Even eyes glitter with emotion and inner fire. Light ever seeks reflective surfaces to dance across in scintillating fashion.As if answering nature’s call, metallic paints, foils, glitter, sequins, and more amp up shine on nearly any object. Glossy finishes adorn electronics, vehicles, architecture, décor, and so much more of the manufactured landscape. Shining things appeal as focal points to admired, collected, gift, display, and incorporate purposefully into our lives. What once occurred by chance alone in untamed nature, we now consciously cultivate through crafted items with shine and shimmer.

Yet whether created by accident or intention, shine and shimmer intrigue eyes, minds and spirits. Sparkling items in nature or manufactured, integrated thoughtfully or discovered by surprise, invite fascination. A quality of wonder, joy, even magic manifests around shiny things. Radiant items feel special, transformative, powerful to hold our gaze. Glints of light, glitzy and pretty accouterments, remind us of childhood excitement, holidays heralded, small delights that punctuate ordinary days with extraordinary glow.