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Christmas Red Mug Cup with Snow Top Coffee & Snowflake Silicone Focal Beads

Christmas Red Mug Cup with Snow Top Coffee & Snowflake Silicone Focal Beads

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Bring the spirit of the holidays into your home with the Christmas Red Mug Cup with Snow Top Coffee & Snowflake Silicone Focal Beads. This festive mug is perfect for enjoying a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate while getting into the Christmas mood.

Admire your holiday decorations

The mug is made of high-quality stoneware and features a vibrant red color that evokes the classic Christmas aesthetic. A cheery snowman graces the front of the mug, wearing a black top hat and scarf and holding a sprig of holly. On top of the mug is a plastic snow topper filled with white silicone focal beads designed to look like falling snow. The snow focal beads provide a magical, wintry touch and gently move and float as you drink.

Inside the 10 oz mug is ample room for your favorite hot beverage. The sturdy handle makes it easy to grip while heading to the Christmas tree to admire your holiday decorations. Both the mug and plastic snow topper are microwave and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Quality features of silicone beads

The Christmas Red Mug Cup with Snow Top Coffee & Snowflake Silicone Focal Beads, inside the plastic snow topper add a special touch of whimsy and motion to the mug. Silicone focal beads are small silicone beads that move within a liquid interior, providing visual interest and a soothing, kinetic effect. These high quality beads are made of silicone manufactured in California by Western Bead & Design, a leader in the silicone beads industry. The beads are perfectly sized to float within the topper and showcase their snowflake shapes and sparkling finish.

Silicone focal beads are most often found in desk accessories like liquid timers, toys, and pens. Disney uses these mesmerizing beads in their Magic Bands for park guests. The beads catch your eye with their fluid movement. Adding the snowflake silicone focal beads into the plastic topper brings that same magical motion to your mug. As you lift your mug, the snowflake beads rise and fall, creating a serene snow globe effect.

Wholesale silicone beads

Wholesale silicone beads for pens and other accessories primarily come from big manufacturers like Western Bead & Design. This guarantees beads that are uniform in size, shape, and color. For the Christmas Red Mug, the beads needed to emulate floating snowflakes. So the beads are cut into meticulous snowflake shapes, all nearly the same size. This ensures the beads move together in a smooth, coherent way as you enjoy your hot beverage.

The silicone beads also needed to capture the essence of a snowfall's sparkle. So they are coated in an iridescent finish that catches and reflects the light. As the beads dance in the topper, they shine like freshly fallen snowflakes drifting from the sky.

Exclusive silicone focal beads in unique shapes and finishes can be sourced for specialty retail projects. Western Bead & Design offers an exclusive line of focal beads in partnership with select retailers and designers. Items like the Christmas Red Mug with Snow Top Coffee show how custom silicone beads create elevated consumer products. The snowflake beads make this mug a cut above the rest.

Add charm to your projects

This Christmas Red Mug Cup with Snow Top Coffee & Snowflake Silicone Focal Beads brings yuletide charm into your home. Enjoy a steaming cup of peppermint mocha or spiced apple cider while admiring how the frosted snow topper makes it feel like snowing on Christmas morning right in your kitchen. The mugâ€TMs oversized size means you can share it with a loved one as you wear your matching holiday pajamas or fuzzy socks.

After enjoying your favorite hot chocolate recipe, the Christmas Red Mug looks festive left out on display. Place it in your hutch or curio cabinet so guests can enjoy its seasonal aesthetic even when not in use. Or display it prominently next to your plate of homemade Christmas cookies for a pop of Christmas spirit.

Clean up is a breeze by placing the mug and plastic snow topper in the dishwasher after use. The silicone beads will remain securely contained inside the topper and the red mug will emerge shiny and fresh. This mug is safe to use in the microwave but remove the topper first to prevent any warping from the heat.

Add extra pleasure and joy 

This Christmas mug also makes a fantastic gift for the holiday hostess or hard-to-shop-for friends and family. Itâ€TMs sure to elicit festive reactions whenever they use it to enjoy their daily coffee or tea. Pair it with Christmas cocoa mixes, candy canes, or other small treats to make a complete Christmas gift basket. The mug comes gift boxed so itâ€TMs ready for giving right away.

Add some extra Christmas magic to your hot beverage routine with the Christmas Red Mug with Snow Top Coffee & Snowflake Silicone Focal Beads. The snowy silicone beads in the topper create delightful winter flair while the traditional red mug design screams Christmas cheer. Enjoy watching the snowflake beads dance and drift as you sip your favorite holiday drinks. This mug makes every beverage feel special.

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